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Runescape - Music v1.26

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File Info: Runescape - Music v1.26

Runescape - Music v1.26
Andrew G. / Runescape
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Description: Runescape - Music v1.26

This is some of music on runescape that you can listen to!

All files are midi type.

This file is a collection pack of most of the music file can be obtained in the MMORPG, RuneScape.

About 600+ music have been collected in this pack, which covers 100% of the music list in junk box till September 17, 2006.

The audio files are all in midi format (.mid), which can be examined or edit for further uses.

The content of the files are strictly not for RINGTONES as a response from JaGex.Ltd , the game maintainer. If you want those music to be your ring tone, you might need to buy from the jagex shop at the game's main website.

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