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The Sims 2 University Patch [CD]
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The Sims 2: Campus Life! Data Set
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Description: The Sims 2 University Patch [CD]

This is the first patch released for The Sims 2 expansion, The Sims 2 University. It includes many fixes and changes all listed below.

Complete list of changes:
Fixed an issue where Angela Pleasant was not properly calling Dustin Broke to sneak out of the house.
Fixed a problem in University where Dustin Broke would bring Angela Pleasant home every day from school.
Fixed a bug where inventory items and all memories were being deleted after joining a Greek house.
Popular Sims' facial animation would cease to play when talking to other Sims.
Fixed an issue where hard-earned diplomas could be stolen or repossessed.
Prevented teens from receiving the "Win Young Entrepreneur's Award" Want when it is already satisfied.
Prevented an exploit with the Resurrect-O-Nomitron that allowed more than 8 Sims to live on a lot. (caused many other issues)
Fixed some animation problems that occurred when a young adult Sim prepared cereal on top of the mini fridge.
Eliminated a rare improper reset when canceling a cell phone call on community lots
Fixed an issue where the game would freeze if the user input frame for paintings or the camera appeared during a special event cinematic
Prevented improper animations from running if a teen Sim age transitioned while sitting down
Fixed a reset that would occur when hanging out with a Sim that is trying to leave for class
Fixed a rare instance of a reset that occurs when canceling sleep with a specific interaction next in queue
The Grim Reaper will no longer fail to leave a lot if multiple Sims die and the lot is left empty.
Squashed a rare scripting error that occurred when hanging up a cell phone.
Exercise machines introduced in University are now unbreakable.
Fixed a rare instance where the Mascot NPC would become stuck in place after pulling the sprinkler prank.
Fixed a problem where the Greek Letter Decorations were temporarily unelectable after placement.
Fixed an obscure looping reset that occurred when loading a lot during an active pledge scenario for a Sim who has moved to a different lot.
Eliminated a bad reset that prevented Sims from becoming enemies of one another.
The proper text notification is now displayed when a pledge is denied entrance to a Greek House due to relationship score.
Prevented a rare instance where dormies could become stuck in a semi-transparent, unelectable state.
Sims could not sit on a barstool at the Bachman Busbar (cheap bar)
Fixed a reset that happened when meeting professors in a well populated neighborhood
There was an issue with the game locking up when in cameraman mode while a pregnancy state transition occurred or a Sim burned to death.
There was the possibility that when using multiple nannies, one could become stuck on the lot indefinitely. Even after dismissal.
Prevented an issue where nannies would become stuck in their car attempting to exit the lot.
Sick Sims can no longer die of disease while on community lots.
The lifetime want to "Max Out 7 Skills" would not properly satisfy if the final skill point was gained via a SimVac aspiration reward object.
Chocolate puddles generated by the "Shokolade 890 Chocolate Manufacturing Facility" are now visible.
Fixed a reset that happened when NPCs walked by lots in well populated neighborhoods
A scripting error would occur if a Sim was influenced to clean up pizza boxes.
Asking too many Sims at once to freestyle would result in scripting errors.
The "Buy a Fountain Costing at least 600 Simoleons" Want has been removed from the game.
Placing "Myne Door" dorm doors diagonally no longer causes entire rooms to turn invisible.
Player controlled young adult Sims now properly retain their semester gauge level when being asked to move in to another lot.
Sims no longer play the extended browse animation when purchasing an item from the clothing rack.
Shortened the amount of time that children show their A+ report cards off to their parents
Fixed issues that occur when the same Sim dies on multiple lots.
Lowered frequency of Child Sims aborting queue actions in favor of greeting their parents as they returning from work.
Fixed a very rare instance where Sims age meters would not properly reset after age transitioning.
Fixed a problem where in very specific circumstances age transitions would fail.
Ringing cell phones no longer wake up napping Sims.
Text in the neighborhood lot information text box was not always being properly updated on University Lots.
Fixed a bug that prevented large groups of Sims from entering the helicopter carpool.
Sims who write great novels now receive the memory for "Wrote Great Novel" rather than the Sim who answered the royalty check phone call.
Fixed an issue that could cause the text notifications, reminding a player that their class or final was approaching, not to display.
Fixed a major issue where loading a lot with the remote control car in use would make all memory and job icons blank.
Pregnant Sims are now able to use handhelds in their inventory.
Fixed a problem that caused pianos that have been owned for a certain amount of time to cease providing fun.
Fixed a case where the baby bottle was teleported from a Sim's hand leaving the hand in a permanent grip state.
Level 6 Greek Houses can now accept pledges
Eliminated a problem where Greek Houses were not accepting the proper amount of pledges per level.
Sims can now Propose > Move In or Propose > Marriage towards non player young adult Sims that they became engaged to while in college.
Fixed an improper reset specific to Lucy Burb returning home from school with good grades.
Fixed an instance where the player was unable to exit or save the game if they cancelled an adoption related interaction with the social worker.
The "Cheer Up" interaction no longer causes crushes between Sims.
Zits are now removed from any Sim that enters university. (growing into a young adult)
Sims no longer get crushes from playing handhelds together.
Babies are no longer available in the pool of online chatters.
Fixed an issue where assignments were being lost within a few of the taller dining tables
Squashed a bug where toddlers were not able to learn to walk when being taught with smart milk and a thinking cap.
Fixed issues with Sims clipping through one another while sitting at bars
Fixed a conflict that occurred between a simultaneously visiting headmaster and grocery delivery person.
Fixed a specific problem that would occur while traveling in an well populated neighborhood.
Fixed an issue where Sims' thought bubbles would clip through heads of Sims.
The "Stay Home from Work" want can now be satisfied.
Fixed a reset that occurred after multiple generations of large famlies that prevented death from completing properly for Sims in large, multi-generational families. Symptoms included missing inheritance, tombstones, and a lower Sim population cap per lot.
When being called for dinner, the headmaster will no longer decide to leave immediately after arriving on the lot.
Fixed various resets with the nanny that would occasionally prevent the nanny from being dismissed
Improved the cleanup of kicky bags (automatically cleans up any invisible kicky bags on lots)
Prevented an issue where the headmaster could get stuck indefinitely in a hot tub under certain motive conditions.
Reduced the possibility of non player characters becoming stuck in dormie's rooms due to door locking.
Fixed a reset that occurred while multiple Sims watched TV on sectional sofas.
Book cleanup has been improved to prevent the potential deletion of unintentional objects, such as vehicle portals.
Sims can now feed smart milk to toddler Sims sitting in high chairs.
During a joy buzzer social, the camera now only shakes if the selected Sim is involved in the interaction.
Fixed a rare occurrence of a reset that would leave a user unable to save or quite after a Sim gave birth.
User created paintings created prior to installing an expansion pack can now be sold or deleted.
The player will no longer receive text notification messages that deceased Sims "are no longer friends. "
Installing University on top of userdata that includes service NPC vehicles saved on lots no longer causes errors.
Eating marshmallows now provides a slight hunger motive boost.
Usability of custom content management has been improved by retaining the most recent page of content after deleting an object, wall, or floor.
Fixed a rare issue that in various situations caused a pregnant Sim experiencing morning sickness to die. (aka Sudden Pregnancy Death Syndrome)

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