SoF II: Double HelixGoldrush 2.2 (full version)

File Info: SoF II: Double HelixGoldrush 2.2 (full version)

SoF II: Double HelixGoldrush 2.2 (full version)
Also known as:
Soldier of Fortune 2, Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix
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Description: SoF II: Double HelixGoldrush 2.2 (full version)

Goldrush is a multiplayer mod for Soldier of Fortune 2

Goldrush 2.2 full version
Releasedate: October 10th, 2005

Goldrush is a multiplayer mod for Soldier of Fortune 2!

To play Goldrush 2.2 you NEED to have the SOFII 1.03 patch (Gold) installed!

* Make sure you delete all versions of Goldrush before version 2.0... Goldrush 2.0 and up are NOT compatible with older version (mixing 2.0 (and up) with older versions WILL cause problems!).
* Please extract all files from the zip into your sof2 folder...
* This will create a goldrush folder for you with 6 pk3-files, docs folder and a lot of small files and documents!
* Please read the documents as it will help you to get most out of our mod!

After a correct installation of Goldrush 2.2 you still can play on 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 PURE servers! However UNPURE servers is a different story...

UNPURE server do not check the pk3's (and so the contents) on the player's pc. UNPURE servers are populair as they allow a player to use custom things like skins, sounds, etc...
Some (all?) UNPURE servers even accept players who dont have Goldrush installed. This *can* (or more likely *will*) cause problems!!

Player who dont have (the correct version of) Goldrush installed can have problems with:

* Goldrush maps (map mismatch?);
* they can get kicked because the game tries to run an event that the player doesnt have (like our new watersounds);
* they possibly dont see the medals at the end of a map;
* they can play in 1st person mode on 3rd person servers (unfair!);
* and possibly more...

If you want to run an UNPURE Goldrush server, please make sure you install Goldrush 2.0, 2.1 *and* 2.2 on your server! If your players do the same then they will be fine... otherwise (one of) the mentioned problems can arise!

Like any other game/program, Goldrush needs memory to run... By default SOF2 needs 45MB of RAM to run properly. But when you use custom maps so now and then you probably already noticed that some custom maps needs more memory than the default 45MB. You can tell SOF2/Goldrush how much memory it can use via the com_hunkMegs cvar (SOF2's default is 45). These are the values needed to run Goldrush properly:

com_hunkMegs for clients:
* Please make sure your com_hunkMegs setting is set to 128 as a minimum! This can be done in your goldrush/sof2mp.cfg file... It is best to do it also in your sof2/base/mp/sof2mp.cfg (especially when you use tools like The-All-Seeing-Eye or when you connect to Goldrush servers via SOF2 itself)! Changing both configs may save you some headaches ;)

com_hunkMegs for servers:
* Please make sure your com_hunkMegs setting is set to 45 as a minimum! Increasing this to 64 may result in a (bit?) smoother gameplay (especially on internet servers)...

Be careful that you do NOT give more than 50% of your total RAM to SOF2 or Goldrush, otherwise things may become very laggy/shocky (other programs running on the background, like windows, need memory too)!


Goldrush focuses on gameplay, but it also has a nice admin/refereesystem and many useful features.
It will be hard to name them all, but these features are probably the most important ones (most features are optional!!):

* autobalance system for teamgames

* anticamp system

* realistic speed: add weights to weapons, items, gametype-items, health/armor and certain movements. Examples:
- players running a knife are usually faster than someone running around with a m60
- players who carry a gametype-item (flag, briefcase or bomb) are usually slower
- wounded players are slower than healthy players
- ever saw someone running as fast backwards as they run forward?

* extra gore: more realistic blood, easier dismemberment, flying bodyparts, some cool effect

* 21 gametypes: we added 15 gametypes; so together with the 6 standard gametype we have a total of 21 great gametypes

* 17 great community maps that deserve to be played (some maps are big/medium, some are small)

* 2 new RMG terrains: an updated version of Booda's Australia, and Egypt (in Goldrush RMG maps support ALL gametypes)

* a great admin/referee system to give trustworthy players some extra powers without the need to give away your rconpassword

* medals and stats

* a serversided 3rd person mode (2 modes)

* mapvotingsystem at the end of the map; this way the players are the ones who decide what map is played next

* tokens and soundtokens (can be combined) for use in the chat

* improved bots

* 2 new types of friendly fire:
- shared : both players receive 50% of the damage
- reflect: the attacker receives 100% of the damage

* tons of options to enable/disable things that cant be done in SOF2, like:
- radar
- teamicons
- leaning
- backpacks
- goggles
- armor
- strafejumps (2 types)
- enemy crosshair (great when you disable teamicons)
- radarhud (allows you to see the direction of gametype-items, but only when they aren't carried by a player)
- pickup dropped weapons for extra ammo or extra guns (can have an effect on backpack-behaviour as well)
- dead players can drop small medikits (can have an effect on backpack-behaviour as well)
- infrared scopes for MSG90A1 and/or SIG551
- use of multible weaponfiles (but one at a time)
- and a lot more!

* some other useful options:
- bad word filter
- alert messages that give info on gametime, roundtime and the number of players in your team
- roundbased gametypes now can swap teams every xxx rounds (useful to balance maps)
- most gametypes have their own cvars that affect the way the gametype is played
- compass (clientsided)
- shoot the weapon out of your enemies hands (notice that they can do the same to you :D)
- and a lot more!

* an autoscreenshot function for players to make awesome screenshots of your headshots and explosive kills

* players can setup their own headshot text

* many more!

Want to make the game more realistic? Or faster? Or a combination of both? It is all possible...

We hope you gonna like Goldrush 2.2 as much as we do :)



NOTE: Please read the documents in the goldrush/docs folder. They contain some important info (and credits) of things you should know before playing/setting up a server!


Goldrush on moddb:


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