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SoF 2: Double Helix - Goldrush 2.2

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File Info: SoF 2: Double Helix - Goldrush 2.2

SoF 2: Double Helix - Goldrush 2.2
Also known as:
Soldier of Fortune 2, Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix
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Description: SoF 2: Double Helix - Goldrush 2.2

Update for the Soldier of Fortune 2 multiplayer mod: Goldrush

**To use this update you NEED to have Goldrush 2.0 AND 2.1 installed!**

October 8th, 2005

Goldrush is a multiplayer mod for Soldier of Fortune 2. Goldrush 2.2 is an update for Goldrush 2.1!

To play Goldrush 2.1 you need to have these 3 files installed:
* The 1.03 (Gold) patch
* Goldrush 2.0 full version (please read the 2.0 docs as well!)
* Goldrush 2.1 update version

All necessary files can be found on or via moddb (!

After a correct installation of Goldrush 2.2 you still can play on 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 PURE servers! However UNPURE servers is a different story...

UNPURE server do not check the pk3's (and so the contents) on the player's pc. UNPURE servers are populair as they allow a player to use custom things like skins, sounds, etc...
Sometimes (?) UNPURE servers even accept players who dont have Goldrush installed. This *can* cause problems!!

Player who dont have (the correct version of) Goldrush installed can have problems with:

* Goldrush maps (map mismatch?);
* they can get kicked because the game tries to run an event that the player doesnt have (like our new watersounds);
* they possibly dont see the medals at the end of a map;
* they can play in 1st person mode on 3rd person servers (unfair!);
* and possibly more...

If you want to run an UNPURE Goldrush server, please make sure you install Goldrush 2.0, 2.1 *and* 2.2 on your server! If your players do the same then they will be fine... otherwise (one of) the mentioned problems can arise!

* Do NOT throw away you Goldrush 2.0 and 2.1 files as you still need them!!
* Please extract all files from the zip into your sof2/goldrush folder...
* This will add 2 new pk3's to your goldrush folder!
* Some other files like the example config, mapcycle file and some documents MUST be overwritten (as they include new/changed stuff)!

Like any other game/program, Goldrush needs memory to run... By default SOF2 needs 45MB of RAM to run properly. But when you use custom maps so now and then you probably already noticed that some custom maps needs more memory than the default 45MB. You can tell SOF2/Goldrush how much memory it can use via the com_hunkMegs cvar (SOF2's default is 45). These are the values needed to run Goldrush properly:

com_hunkMegs for clients:
* Please make sure your com_hunkMegs setting is set to 128 as a minimum! This can be done in your goldrush/sof2mp.cfg file... It is best to do it also in your sof2/base/mp/sof2mp.cfg (especially when you use tools like The-All-Seeing-Eye or when you connect to Goldrush servers via SOF2 itself)! Changing both configs may save you some headaches ;)

com_hunkMegs for servers:
* Please make sure your com_hunkMegs setting is set to 45 as a minimum! Increasing this to 64 may result in a (bit?) smoother gameplay (especially on internet servers)...

Be careful that you do NOT give more than 50% of your total RAM to SOF2 or Goldrush, otherwise things may become very laggy/shocky (other programs running on the background, like windows, need memory too)!



There have been several thing added, fixed, changed and even removed (compared to Goldrush 2.1):


* improved the autobalance system:
- better selection of player that needs to be swapped (but it is still a random process)
- new cvar: g_autoBalanceMinPlayers [value], where [value] = minimum number of players on the server before AB becomes active
- when g_teamAutoJoin is set then there will be a few extra checks (by default g_teamAutoJoin adds the new player to the team with the smallest # of players, but that is sometimes unwanted when autobalance is active)
- when a player get selected to be swapped to the other team, next check will be in 50% of the AB intervaltimer (in case the selected player "refuses to die" as AB only swaps dead players)
- when a selected players gets swapped to the other team, the AB intervaltimer gets resetted again (to prevent unnecessary swaps)
- maximum intervaltime is now 9 minutes (was 5 minutes)

* added an Anticamp system:
- g_antiCamp [0/1], where 0 is disable, 1 = enable, default = 0
- g_antiCampTime [seconds], minimum time = 15 seconds, default = 60 seconds (we only check once per 5 seconds!)
- g_antiCampRadius [radius], size of the "camperbox". Minimum size = 200 units, maximum = 1000 units, default = 400 units!

For now (?) there is only 1 penalty for camping: surrender (player looses all weapons, grenades, etc)

AC doesnt check a player:
- during intermission/warmup
- the first 2 minutes (apx) of a new map
- the first 5-15 seconds after player (re)spawned
- when a player is inactive at his/her spawnpoint (this inactivity is cleared when the player moves a bit <- note: this also can happen due a hit!)

Player gets a warning 5 seconds before punishment starts...

* improved the unhealthy M15 grenades (no need for modifying wpn files anymore + the coughing sounds are a bit louder now)

* changed the g_dropMedikits cvar a bit: when backpacks are disabled (or not supported by the gametype) then g_dropMedikits will give a small armor instead of a small health so now and then (NOTE: only when playing with outfits and when armor hasnt been disabled on the server)

* added killing spree messages (console only): a bit similar to the "on fire" messages although when a player is "on fire" there has not been another kill by another player. Spree kills are the # of kills done by a player without dying.
To avoid flooding the console we only show every 5th spree message (so, your 5th, 10th, 15th, etc spreekills are shown in the console)
Supersprees start at 30, megasprees start at 50!

* added some extra animations used for players who get killed by a headshot

* added 2 extra chattokens (stats): #u prints your number of headshots and #v prints your accuracy (no decimals)

* hopefully fixed a few bugs in SOFII (!) that can crash servers (like sof2boom?). Some of those crashing 'attempts' will be logged!

* fixed the /ignore command (shouldnt crash servers anymore)

* fixed a bug in 3rd mode (spectators and ghosts couldnt fly through buildings very easy)

* fixed a bug in the timeleft command (during warmup it always assumed that timeleft was equal to timelimit)

* updated the flags for CTF and variants

* new cvar: sv_minRate [value] (range 2500-10000), where [value] = player's minimum rate setting; when player's "rate" is too low then goldrush will change it to the value of sv_minRate. 0 = no change!

* new cvar: g_minIntermissionTime [seconds], where [seconds] is the minimum time, in seconds, that a server has to wait (during intermission) before it allows to load the next map!

NOTE: By default this latched cvar is turned OFF (Default value = 0)! Use this cvar (g_minIntermissionTime > 0) to FORCE your favorite minimum intermissiontime...

When this cvar is turned off then minimum time is fixed (like in Goldrush 2.1):
- 3 seconds when g_enableMapVote is enabled (as we already have extra votingtime!)
- 10 seconds when g_enableMapVote is disabled

* a lot of small fixes to improve performance and some cosmetical stuff


* new adm/ref command: autobalance
This will disable (0) or enable (1) the autobalance of teams... needs a map_restart or a new map to take effect!
An admin/referee can only disable/enable the autobalance with this command. The rest is done via configfile (default: autobalance.cfg). Changes there must be done by a sysop (via ftp?)...

* new adm/ref command: anticamp
This will disable (0) or enable (1) the anticampsystem...
An admin/referee can only disable/enable the anticampsystem with this command. The rest is done via cvars. Other changes to the anticampsystem must be done by a sysop via rcon...

* for admins and referees the 'checkab' command (check autobalance) now also shows when the next check will take place (in seconds)...

* fixed the adm/ref swapteams command as it didnt work properly for gametype that use "normal" respawn like TDM, TCAH and TCTB

* fixed a bug in the /adm strike command (no more tk-messages and no more receiving damage (if friendlyfire was set to share or reflect) when admin punishes a teammate

* improved some stuff in the strip and surrender commands

* fixed some console messages where an hidden admin's name was still shown

* improved 'forceteam' command for admins/referees:
- no more switching to same team (in the old situation a player just respawned with full health <- IMO that is some kind of cheat)
- in teamgames spectators now can be auto-moved to the team that needs help most

* g_inactivity: admins and referees aren't kicked anymore: they are now moved to the spectators

* EXPERIMENTAL new admin command: invisible (/adm invisible). This makes an admin completely invisible (handy if you want to follow a suspected cheater, etc). Rentering the same command makes your visible again (toggle)...
The only exception is that ACTIVE admins can see the invisible admin via the "/players" command...
It already was a HUGE job to make this happen. I cant garantuee (yet) that it is bugfree... let us know when you find any bugs.

An invisible admin is basically an invisible spectator with adminrights. (Allmost) everything that a spectator can do can also be done by an invisible admin...

Things that an invisible admin can't do:

* suspend adminrights
* chat (as this will blow your cover)

For the rest there are hardly any restrictions, so please be careful with your binds and stuff ;)


* new players cvar: cg_drawFriendlyVoice [0 = disable, 1 = replace, 2 = overlap]
This only has effect in teamgames, with teamicons enabled! When one of your teammates does some kind of voicechat, you will see a new icon about a teamate's head.
When cg_drawFriendlyVoice is set to 1, the normal teamicon will temporary disappear, the voicechaticon will appear.
When cg_drawFriendlyVoice is set to 2, the normal teamicon will stay, the voicechaticon will be displayed over the teamicon.
The voicechaticon will stay for apx 2 seconds...

When the radar isnt disabled (serversided) then cg_drawFriendlyVoice 1 or 2 will also show a voicechaticon on the radar (when close enough)

Fragsounds (like the one for headshots), painsounds, etc are not considered as voicechats!

Players can not see their own voicechat-icons (so it works the same as teamicons)!

* new players command: say_adm
This will send a chattext to the player him/herself and all admins (so normal players wont see it). This way a player can tell something to the admin(s) in "private"!
Please note that admins can NOT use this command to talk back to the player! We have "/adm tell" for that!

* new players command: say_ref
This will send a chattext to the player him/herself and all referees/admins (so normal players wont see it). This way a player can tell something to the ref(s) and admin(s) in "private"!
Please note that admins and referees can NOT use this command to talk back to the player! We have "/adm tell" and "/ref tell" for that!


* map gold_marrakech (Marrakech Streets by Fix_1138) has been added. It supports all gametypes... and weapons (when playing with pickups)!

* map gold_finca has been updated (extra spawnarea for blue team and two extra routes)
NOTE: if you prefer the 2.1 version of gold_finca then please get yourself mp_finca2005 (same map)

* map gold_subfacility has been updated (fixed some lights, textures and a small bug)


* added a new gametype: Knockout (KO)
KO is basically the VIP gametype but with a VIP in each team. Each team must try to bring their own VIP to their extractionpoint (to score 2 teampoints) *or* try to eliminate the enemy VIP (to score 1 teampoint).
KO uses CTF as a basegametype (so you can use all CTF maps to play KO)

* fixed a small bug in the VIP gametype

* fixed a bug in CAH/TCAH: players still could loose flag when receiving a bit hit (when g_knockbackdropweapon is activated)


* soundtokens: when using a $ instead of a @ the chattext that comes with the sound will not be displayed. This way a player can make their own text... tip: put token at the end of the line!
Further soundtokens are now voicefloodprotected (to protect server and players from abuse players)! But the chattext is always displayed (when flooded the sound is not broadcasted)!
Check out the sv_floodProtect, g_voiceFloodCount and g_voiceFloodPenalty cvars on how to manage voicechatprotection!

* since the introduction of the soundtokens the vsay_all command wasnt so useful anymore. Therefor the vsay_all command now only produces a global sound (similar to the 'sniper' and 'grenade' sounds that you sometimes hear in battle), so only players in your neigbourhood can hear it <- nice for tactical play or daring taunts ;)


* bots now should react more human to M15 smoke (they are only scared when they are low on health)

* the bot_minplayers command works again the way it did in goldrush 2.0 (allmost immediate effect). And it shouldnt cause problems with the autobalance anymore :)

If you have any of these cvars (in your sof2mp.cfg?) then they can be removed from your configs:
* g_adjLeanOffset
* g_adjLBMaxsZ
* g_adjLBMinsZ
* g_adjDuckedLBMaxsZ
* g_adjDuckedLBMinsZ
* g_adjPLBMaxsZ

The cvars were used by the crouch/leanbug fix but were only creating confusing (and consuming unnecessary space in your sof2mp.cfg). In Goldrush 2.2 there are replaced by fixed values!


We hope you gonna like this update as much as we do :)

If you find some problems or when you have useful suggestion, don't hesitate to contact us via our forums:


Have fun!

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