Rome: Total War - Total Realism - 6.2 Patch

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Rome: Total War - Total Realism - 6.2 Patch
Rome: Total Realism Development
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Rome Total War
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Description: Rome: Total War - Total Realism - 6.2 Patch

Rome: Total Realism is a complete modification for Rome: Total War developed by an international team of skilled individuals with a passion for history. The essence of the modification is to provide realistic approach to Rome: Total War's often lacking historical merit.

6.1 Patch Details:

# New Roman Polybian skins
# New Germanic units and skins
# Fantastic new [optional] Musical Score by Vlad Kuryluk
# Darthmod 7.0 (Ai Enhancements, Formations, Custom Battle Locations)
# Skymod 1.31
# Dark89's Navalmod (Statistics Only)
# GAHF Mod (Trait System Only)
# Land Bridges (Sicily-Southern Italy, Sardinia-Corsica, Lesbos-Asia Minor,
# Cyprus-Asia Minor, Attica-Chalcis, Scandinavia)
# New Historical Battle - Cynocephalae
# Few new miscellaneous units, and skins
# Bug Fixes, Bug Fixes, BUG FIXES, and you guessed it, more Bug Fixes
# All around statistical changes and balancing issues.

Mod Features:

* Seventeen fully playable factions
* Two hundred new historically accurate army units
* Totally revamped combat stastics system
* New "Area of Recruitment" gameplay mechanic
* Comprehensive graphical overhaul of the front end
* Introduction video, faction elimination videos
* Redesigned campaign map
* Classical soundtrack conceived by a professional composer.
* Many new custom battle locations
* Additional historical battles
* Authentic battle formations and army deployments
* Enhancements enabling the AI to fight "smarter"

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