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Silent Hunter III - Milk-Cow Mod
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Silent Hunter 3
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This Silent Hunter III modification simulates milk-cows. You'll see in the game map how these units move in the areas where historically resupplies took place. You just have to approach them as if they were your base and then press ESC.

Date: 28.6.2005
By: SansaL

Hi friends:

This is the first milk-cows mods. It has been thought to use the Jaesen Jones mod manager (god blesses him) so you only have to decompress the file in the MODS folder. To avoid problems with already started campaigns you'll have to finish them in port and then install this mod. As an alternative, if you only want to test it; install the mod, create a new user and start a campaign, and once you finish the tests uninstall this mod, delete the test user and resume the previous campaign.


It simulates from the naval bases configurations what used to be milk-cows. So you'll see in the game map how these units move in the areas where historically resupplies took place. You just have to approach them as if they were your base and then press ESC.

In the file documentation/sh3_map.jpg there is a re-edited map with the places and dates in which these units will be available. The units and the appearance dates are based on the information available at:


A new type of land unit for Germany; LNB_MilkBase which is a simulation of a german merchant
Spain and it's main docks; the country, which is neutral during the whole WWII but helped the Axis during the war. In a future version we'll include all the spanish units: aerial and naval fleet.


This mod works from the standard game campaign, it's impossible for us to make it compatible with the WORLDMOD, REALWORL, etc, because it works with the same files and I don't want having to choose any of them. It's easy to include our definitions for the "Campaing.lnd" and "locations.cfg" files to theirs so I invite the creators of these mods to include my mod in theirs for the benefit of all the community (See "How does this mod work"), I just ask them that they include the spanish docks and that they're true to the locations and dates of appearance of the milk-cows. Any doubt regarding this will be cleared, just send me a pm at Subsim's forum or at [email protected]

Now when you dock at any axis base the new patrol will be started the next day. To compensate it, times to make improvements in the sub's equipment have been drastically increased.


In the LAND folder it's added a LNB_MilkBase, which is a clone from NAMC. This unit is defined as 407 naval base.

These new units are added to the EnglishNames.cfg and GermanNames.cfg files.

In the CFG folder the basic.cfg file is replaced for another version to modify the base stance times.

In the ROSTER/GERMAN/LAND folder is added the cfg for these new type.

The country Spain is included in the ROSTER folder so the names of the docks related to the interned vessels appear. As perviously said, in a future version spanish vessels will be included so the subs can take refuge in them if they're being chased, as it historically happened. That way Gibraltar will be somewhat more accessible.

In the CAMPAIGNS/CAMPAIGN folder the campaign.lnd file where all the ubications of the new units can be found is replaced. It starts with the unit 130 with the Corrientes and it ends with the unit 171 with the U490.

In the TERRAINS folder the locations.cfg file is replaced so the spanish docks can be seen. The specifications for the spanish docks start at the 360 and end with the 395.


To the whole 24th Flotilla and specially to Mix-Martes, Beltza, Castorp, Txemin, Akerberg, Fernando Almeida and Hitman whose work and contributions are here shown.
To the whole Subsim community specially to Kron, Rulle, Juanchez and all of those that have put their two cents in the forum.
To the sim's Developers for this little software wonder.
And VERY specially to Sergbuto for his indications of how succesfully cloning a unit. Without him this mod wouldn't have been possible.

Thanks to everybody,

Comander of U-66
24 Flotilla
[email protected]

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