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DOOM 3 - Double Modification v2.1

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File Info: DOOM 3 - Double Modification v2.1

DOOM 3 - Double Modification v2.1
Mausus Atlas
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Description: DOOM 3 - Double Modification v2.1

This mod makes DOOM 3 more tense and stress-inducing by plugging lots of new features into it. There's no room for beginners and the default parameters make the game as hard as possible (it remains beatable though). The "continuous spawn monster" feature does not allow for rest either and you must always run and kill to survive because the monsters show up randomly.


- Display new interface.
- Exchage walk and run.
- 200 max for health and armor.
- Crosshair removed but hud is not hide.
- Double specular factor and map effects.
- Double damage of pistol, shutgun, machinegun, chaingun, plasmagun, rocket launcher and bfg. Second effects are applied to counterbalance.
- Double damage of turrets and zombies (pistol, shield, shotgun, machinegun and chaingun).
- Double projectile velocity of demons (hell knight, imp, mancumbus, revenant and cacodemon).
- All effects described above are also enabled in multiplayer mode.
- Add flame effects around all monsters.
- Add recall spawn effect when demons are dying.
- Cacodemon can spawn lostsouls like Pain elemental in Doom2.
- Zombie can respawn if its corpse is not immedialely destroyed.
- Player can hear strange sounds and can temporary lost the control of his weapon if he does not move.
- Non boss monsters can aleatory spawn.
- Demons walk and run twice faster.
- Flame color and damage depends of the monster state.
- Non boss and non flying monsters can health regen. Each monster is invulnerable while regening.
- News sounds for demons and weapons.
- News skins for demons and some bosses.
- Advanced translucent flame effect using alpha blending for a better rendering.
- Flame size is equals to monster one.
- Lots of features can be costumized using console variables.
- Up to two monsters can be spawn each five seconds in single player mode, more each 2.5 seconds in multiplayer mode.
- Spawn monster feature is also enabled in multiplayer mode.
- You can now play all multiplayer maps alone and fight the monsters as in single player mode.
- The new volcano skins have lava parts which are animated. These parts are also larger and are always visible in the dark.
- All weapons but flashlight and soulcube have a better metalic render skin. Grenades, plasmagun and bfg have also animated skins.
- (new) Unlimited stamina.
- (new) Ammo and clip size are always visible in the bottom right part of the hud.
- (new) Better contrast for color, more light and more specular effects.
- (new) Fire and plasma balls are replaced by a yellow flame ball for imp and a green one for hellknight.
- (new) Symbol effect on walls around all monsters.
- (new) Advanced blending symbol effect using blending for a better rendering. In particular, the symbols are always visible in the dark.
- (new) Symbol size depends of monster one.
- (new) Zombie security plasmagun is a new monster using plasmagun.
- (new) Zombie commando bfg is a new monster using bfg.
- (new) Musics have new sounds using only Doom3 original ones.

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