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Battlefield 2 - Remote Server Manager 1.05

File Info: Battlefield 2 - Remote Server Manager 1.05

Battlefield 2 - Remote Server Manager 1.05
=XDC= Mugworth aka Chris Noble
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Description: Battlefield 2 - Remote Server Manager 1.05

Graphical remote server manager program for windows and linux servers showing maplist, playerlist divided into axis and allies and stats along with banlist management. Doesnt require anything to be installed on the server.

Core Program Features:

1. Multiple server profiles
2. Change, Set Next, Run Next, Restart, Add and Delete maps in the current map rotation
3. Player list divided into Axis & Allied showing score and ping
4. Detailed player info window showing IP, Hash, Score, Kills, Deaths, Ping etc
5. Kick multiple players at once with or without reason
6. Ban IP/Key with or without reason for 1 round, set time or permanently
7. Add IP/Key bans manually & remove IP/Key bans along with being able to clear the entire banlist
8. Save and load the banlist
9. View and modify important server settings semi-permanently (bar server restart or crash)
10. Remote console for entering rcon commands

Windows XP
MS Dot Net Framework 1.1 installed

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