Metal Gear Acid [PSP Saved Game]

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Metal Gear Acid [PSP Saved Game]
Konami JPN
Also known as:
Metal Gear Solid: Metal Gear Acid, Acid Metal [development team's WIP pet name], Metal Gear AC!D
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Description: Metal Gear Acid [PSP Saved Game]

This is a Saved Game for Metal Gear Acid for the PlayStation Portable with everything unlocked.

PSP Saved Game Installation:
Unzip this file then Copy and Paste the folder into your SAVEDATA folder on your PSP (accessible by: My Computer > Removable Disk > PSP > SAVEDATA).

This new take on the blockbuster Metal Gear franchise gives players a new approach to their espionage. Metal Gear Acid (also lovingly known as Acid Metal by its creators for the trippy take on the series) is a card-based simulation that progresses as a series of missions. Gameplay is somewhat like a 3D board game or RTS, in that players have a set number of moves and actions to take in a given turn sequence -- play out your Weapon card to take down an enemy, play the box Item card to duck into hiding when foes are on patrol, and play the Ninja or Roy Campbell Character card to call in some heavy-duty support from your allies in the field.

The English-language edition of the game introduces wireless multiplayer in the VR realm for two-player battles, a feature not found in the original Japanese game.

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