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Warlords Battlecry 3 - Patch v1.03.1

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File Info: Warlords Battlecry 3 - Patch v1.03.1

Warlords Battlecry 3 - Patch v1.03.1
WBC3 Modding Team + I2
Also known as:
Warlords Battlecry 3
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Description: Warlords Battlecry 3 - Patch v1.03.1

The unofficial WBC3 1.03.1 patch! Includes lots of new changes, bug fixes and a lot more. Also comes with the new High Elven buildings created by the folks over at Infinite Interactive! Install instructions:
1. Run the Patch.exe and extract the files where ever you want.
2. Copy the files from where you extracted them to your WBC3 folder.

Unofficial WBC 3 Balance Patch v. 1.03.1 change list

Units and sides:
-All normal units who had 2x2 footprint have 1x1 now (doesn't include titans and siege)

-Elven hunter range 6
-Elven hunter life 75
-Elven hunter fire vulnerable
-Elven hunter combat 5
-Druid combat 5
-Druid speed 8
-Druid life 50
-Woodriders +5 damage, cost 60 gold 70 metal
-Forestguard slashing resistant
-Gladewarden combat 2
-Bowmaster affects ONLY Gladewardens
-Sprites not affected by any archer upgrades
-Halved magic well income
-Halved the effect that mine fillers have for WE income

-Zombie speed 4
-Skeleton gold and metal cost 14
-Wight metal cost 80
-Wraith crystal cost 70

-Imp crystal cost 40
-Nightmare build time 65 seconds
-Summoner combat 7
-Summoner speed 9
-Summoner piercing vulnerable
-Summoner build time increased by 40s

-Knight cost 70 resources both, buildtime 65 s
-Knight champ cost 125 resources both, buildtime 90 s
-Knight lord cost 300 resources both, buildtime 180 s
-Swordman cost 30 metal
-Squire 10 damage
-Dancing sword 10 metal, 50 crystal
-Sword of Sirian cost 350 crystal

-Scorpionpriest speed 8
-Scorpionpriest combat 6
-Husk 12 damage, 30 hp

-Sorceror speed 8
-Sorceror combat 6
-Sorceror range 6
-Sorcerors physical vulnerable
-Dark infantry cost 10 gold 40 metal
-Dark infantry have 15 armor, not 10
-Dark infantry 12 damage
-DE archer cost: 35 gold, 25 metal, 20 crystal
-DE archer damage 10
-Spider priestess cost 120 crystal, 140 stone
-Spider priestess speed and combat 8

-Iceguard no vulnerabilities
-Iceguard 8 combat
-Dragon knight cost extra 30 crystal
-Dragon Knight piercing vulnerable
-Moonguard 8 combat
-Moonguard 10 speed
-Moonguard built at lvl 5 keep
-Multishot nerfed: Damage 30, range 6 instead of damage 50, range 10
-Longbows 10 damage
-Halved the effect that mine fillers have for HE income

-Dwarf infantry cost 75 metal, no gold
-Runelord 7 combat
-Runelord range 6
-Runelord stone cost dropped to 180
-Dwarf berserker cost 240 metal
-Dwarf lord cost 150 gold and metal, 250 stone
-Khazrimi guard cost 120 gold, 150 stone
-Dwarves get 1.25 times more resources from mine fillers (~1 extra resource per second for a full mine)

-Elephants only piercing resistant
-Black mage 7 combat
-Red mage 8 combat and speed
-Red mage range 6
-White mage 5 combat

-Mino shaman 9 combat, 6 speed

-Goblin shaman 7 combat
-Goblin shaman 9 speed
-Goblin shaman 30 extra stone cost
-Goblins cost 20 gold
-Ogres piercing vulnerable

-Slimes 10 extra gold cost
-Slime buildtime 25 seconds
-Slimes 5 damage
-Ghoul buildtime 20 second, 15 damage
-Chaos Plague (from PL keep) cost 500 crystal
-Fixed Plague unit sizes

-Snakepriest 6 combat
-Wrath (Ssrathi spell) cost 500 crystal

-Spriggans built at lvl 2 dreamhold, sylphs at lvl 1
-Leprechaun cost 80 crystal

-Riders piercing resistant (don't ask)
-Reavers lightning resistant, cost 130 gold and metal

-Ancient wisp income halved
-Wisps cost 35 crystal (not 50)
-Ring of Fire damage, when cast by units: 45+20/lvl
-Pillar of Fire damage, when cast by units: 80+40/lvl
-Pillar of Fire (units) mana cost 40
-Call Lightning, when cast by units, damage decreased by 20


-New HE buildings (by I2)
-Mine razing bonuses changed: lvl3/lvl2/lvl1 = 40/20/10 resources
-Wall attack bug fixed
-Petrify gives 50, crystallize and assassination give 85 resources as opposed to 100
-New stun: If combat < 10, new combat = 1; combat < 15, new combat = 2; combat < 20, new combat = 3; combat < 25, new combat = 4; combat < 30, new combat = 5; combat < 40, new combat = 6; combat > 40, new combat = 7;
-Tough towers not as fast
-Hero lvl scaled towers not as fast, but more damage and combat
-Increased catapult and ballista min range (it was almost nonexistant!!!)
-Hopefully fixed the unit morph bug
-Buildings have +10 armor and resistance

Heroes and spells:

-XP and XLord skills nerfed
-Shadow Strenght as powerful as Ferocity
-Instead of adding potions, Potionmaster increases mana gain from potions by 5 % per skillpoint
-Knight hero skill changes: Armorer at lvl 1, Leadership at lvl 20, Divination at lvl 30
-Elcor's aura no longer affects cure
-Improved melee heroes starting armor and hp slightly, added extra resistance to melee classes and few others
-Awe and scare nerf: spells now depend on target resistance score, minimum chance of success per target is 15 %, chance increases as spell level increases.
-Mana costs: Summon quasit - 12; Scare - 16; Awe - 18; Raise skelly/zombie - 12; Call shadow - 35; Summon treant - 38; Learn spell - 45; Gemberry -10; Circle of Power - 6; Phantom Steed -10; Transmute - 22
-Hand of Ice +5 damage
-Wildfire: 22% chance for cold damage, 22% chance for elec, 44% chance for fire, 11% chance for magic, also new name: Chaos Bolt; damage increase by 30 per level
-Weaponmastery halved
-Cauterize heal 20 life per lvl
-Transmute's effect is increased by 5% per lvl, same for Morph Resources
-Fixed bug regarding summon elemental spell and raise champion, when the caster has full AL and happens to lose mana nevertheless
-New hero class Monk. Special: Monks have new skill, Swiftness, which increases their attack speed by a half percent per level. They also have crushing damage by default and beat every other class in resistance score.
-Heroes' Strenght increases hitpoints by 5 per point
-Constitution skill adds 15 hp per skill point
-Call Lightning tweak: Each cast has a randomized ammount of max targets ranging from 12 to 24.

All suggestions, whines, gripes, questions and such regarding this patch, WBC mods, our future releases and such things can be given over at our forums at, or sent to [email protected]

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