Super Mario 3 - NES in 11:11

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Super Mario 3 - NES in 11:11
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Description: Super Mario 3 - NES in 11:11

An 11 minute, 11 second run of SMB3 by Richard Ureta on 7/23/04.

This is my first submission for SMB3. The time for this run is 11:15, from start button to entering the final door, which should make it the fastest legitimate run on record. This is a 20 second improvement from a previous recording that I did, which was 11:35, getting caught once by the hands on world 8. There are still some mistakes in it though, most notably getting hit on 8-2 and losing my fire power. This run was done in accordance to TG settings for the game, so the wall shortcut in Bowser's Castle was not used. If I did use the shortcut though, the time could have been around 11:08 instead.

I have been hearing a lot of rumors of people claiming and witnessing sub-11 minute completion times, although I have not seen any videos or official records to support this. Also note that the near perfect emulator run of this game(jp version) is 10:54. Anyway, for those of you who have been waiting to see a legitimate speedrun of this game, download and enjoy.

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