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Nuke Nightgulch - Halo Trial Mod
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This mod will only work for the Halo Trial. Installastion is simple: 1. Save it into your Halo Trial maps folder.2. Rename your file. (or move it to another folder))3. Rename the file to and your ready to play it.

The mod uses a map called Nightgulch.
The cliff walls are metal and the level is foggy.
Every weapon shoots nuke shots.
The Shotgun fires 1,000 projectiles in 1 shot. (obviosly causes lag but the blast is HUGE!)
The AR is invisible.
Players can walk on walls, is immune to falling, can go prone, walk faster, crawl faster and can jump to the top of the level.
The warthogs are now dropships(they have tricky controls but are very useful). Although because they're dropships only the player in the passenger seat can shoot. Also, the normal warthog can be driven from any seat.

Glitches: 1.Lag.2. There are occasional Planet-wide bombardments. (triggered on Slayer by picking up weapons and entering vihicles and triggered on CTF when Plasma weapons are used)3. When you jump you get stuck up there, BUT can still walk around and can get down by crouching or jumping.

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