GTA San Andreas - Cool Clothes version 1

File Info: GTA San Andreas - Cool Clothes version 1

GTA San Andreas - Cool Clothes version 1
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GTA: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto III: San Andreas, GTA San Andreas, San Andreas
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Description: GTA San Andreas - Cool Clothes version 1

This is a clothes mod for GTA SA which replaces some clothes for cool Tim Duncan's jersey and Snoop Dogg's hoody which I made.

Version 1
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Author: Vincenzo Montella : a.k.a GFofgaming
Email: [email protected]


This file contains 2 clothes,

1: Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs jersey

2: Snoop Dogg black hoody


IMG Tool 2.0

[ Installation ]

1. Extract the contents of the "coolclothes_ver1" zip to your desktop, or somewhere similar.

2. Download the IMG Tool 2.0 application from the link above.

3. Open the IMG Tool, then click open.

4. Navigate to your "GTA San Andreas/models/player.img" file and double click it.

5. Use the find function (F2) and search for the names "baskballrim.txd" for Time Duncan jersey and "hoodyagreen.txd" for Snopp dogg hoody.

6. Once you've found it, click on command, then click REPLACE.

7. Navigate to your unzipped "coolclothes_ver1" folder and raplace "baskballrim.txd" for "baskballrim.txd" and "hoodyablack.txd" for "hoodyablack.txd".

8. Once you are done go to command and chose rebuild archive

9: Go to Pro Laps for Duncan's clothes (its the Saint's jersey) and Binco for Snoop Dogg's hoody ( its the green hoody)

[ Notes / Legal ]

Version: 1 :- Its just the initial release so I included only 2 clothes. Please feel free to distribute it without changing the contents of this zip and the credit going to the owner of the mod, which is me:)

Future plans: Should include more jersey like for the piston fans, chicago bulls, etc. And hoody and shirts for Snopp Dogg, Eminem, Warren G, Ice Cube, etc. If you have an idea, please email me.


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