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Nexuiz v2.52 (Free Full Game)
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Description: Nexuiz v2.52 (Free Full Game)

Nexuiz is a fast-paced, chaotic, and intense multiplayer first-person shooter. Developed by a dedicated team of gamers Nexuiz delivers a nice dose of old school deathmatch. Version 2.52 offers a new gameplay mode, new models, and many new features.

* New gamemode: CTS (get from A to B). With map "CyberParcour01" by sev, and a nexrun map "Piece o' cake" by FruitieX
* Aggressor and stormkeep retextured by FruitieX
* Tutorial map by FruitieX
* TraK4-mit and TraK5 texturepacks by TraK
* New HUD by FruitieX and -z-
* New Scoreboard style by terencehill
* Weapon accuracy statistics by Dib (ALT key by default)
* Rocket guidance by holding down the primary fire button (seeker removed)
* Level Of Detail on all playermodels
* Video settings only show the allowed resolutions reported by your OS
* (not availible in AGL)
* Motion blur and damage blur by Samual

* -New gamemode Onslaught new available in the menu
* -Added map for the onslaught gamemode (ons-reborn)
* -Completely new announcer sounds/voices
* -Fixed several problems with lagging gameplay/crashes/wrong display of effects
* -The teammessage binds are available in the menu (if you do not see them delete or rename your config.cfg)
* -New server tools for rcon and an irc gateway, updated server documentation
* -Fixed the rotating textures/hud bug on Mac OSX with r_glsl 1
* -New crylink primary attack and tweaked some other weapons
* -Implemented uint16 element array support, this hopefully improves performance on Radeon 9500-X300 cards and GeForce1/2 c

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