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Conquest: Frontier Wars Patch v1.07

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File Info: Conquest: Frontier Wars Patch v1.07

Conquest: Frontier Wars Patch v1.07
Feverpitch Studios
Also known as:
Combat Flight Simulator, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator: World War II Europe Series
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Description: Conquest: Frontier Wars Patch v1.07

Updates any previous version of Conquest Frontier Wars to Version 1.07.

This is released directly from the developer Feverpitch Studios (aka Warthog Texas, now Gizmundo Texas) not Ubisoft.

Requires all to have 1.07 for network play.

Readme file:
Conquest: Frontier Wars 1.07 Patch.

This patch is to upgrade any version of Conquest : Frontier Wars to version 1.07. When in doubt about your version this is the patch to use.


All Patch Changes from 1.01 to 1.07:
-Fixed missing ships on the radar
-Fixed missing languages on certain versions.
-Fixed Save/Load Research bug.
-Added high detail backgrounds.
-Fixed mission 3 & 6 bugs.
-Fixed Software mode bug.
-Fixed NVDIA triangle bug.
-T&L now moved to ini file and default is off.
-Added 3D ship slider for high end graphics cards.
-Added Ctrl-Move to do uniform movement.
-Added localization code
-Moved bandwidth setting from conquest.ini to in game.
-Added Delete Save games option.
-Ageis Toggle now behaves like cloaking.
-Fixed attack shroud on load
-Improved shroud effectiveness
-Double clicking the shroud button on the admiral bar causes all auroras to pick targets in the fleet and cloak them.
-Space Station rebalanced.
-Plasma hive rebalanced
-Mpnolith rebalanced.
-Fixed targeting of non existent platforms on load.
-Hotkeys now work when the toolbar is minimized.
-fixed Vertex buffer related isuues.
-Command point limit raised to 300.-Added nightmare AI
-More command point settings.

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