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This is a currently free OnlineRPG. It is in alpha, but feel free to try it out. Check out the site for more info on this game.

Welcome to the world of Smiley House. SH is a multiplayer online role playing game, with a high focus on action based combat between NPC's, as well as other players. After you login, you will find yourself in SmileyTown, just outside the InfoCenter. It may look odd, but go on in for the basic rundown of classes. You will find out about the basic classes you can be, including Guard, Soldier and Mage. When you first join one of the guilds, you will be at the wrong end of the foodchain, but you will quickly get more experience and cash in as you use your abilities. Of course, there is more to do than just frag the cash out of each other. You can explore the evil forest, where you will encounter aggressive bunnies, amoung other creatures. After an exausting trip through the forest, you might wanne stop by the food store for a snack for the go, and prehaps get drunk with some friends in the bar. If the wildlife got to you, you can retreat to the arcade, where you can gamble the night away.
If this version should become outdated, you will automaticly download the new version when you login to SmileyHouse.

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