Silent Hunter III High-Resolution U-Boat Texture Pack

File Info: Silent Hunter III High-Resolution U-Boat Texture Pack

Silent Hunter III High-Resolution U-Boat Texture Pack
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Silent Hunter 3
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Description: Silent Hunter III High-Resolution U-Boat Texture Pack

This pack installs new, high-resolution textures for the IIA, IID, and IXB U-Boats.

Sean's Hi-Res Texture Pack
for Silent Hunter III

Before you install this mod, BE ABSOLUTELY SURE to back up the SilentHunterIII/data/Submarine folder. Setup is going to be totally overwriting some VERY IMPORTANT FILES.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Version History:

Release 3
- Added skins for the IXB. No sail numbers this time, though.
- Complied all the skins in to an expandable installer system. I should have a complete skin pack done soon.

Release 2
- Added skins for the IID, including the sail numbers for U-137 through U-152.

Release 1
- Doubled the texture size to 2048x2048. It's a doozy!
- Comes in three flavors: Clean Hull with no Camo, Zig-Zag Camo, and Wavy Camo. Pick and choose which one suits you best.
- Re-worked all the seams and rivets so they stand out clearly.
- Sharpened up the rust. Still could use some work, though.
- Replaced bridge speed telegraph with the one from AoD's interior texture mod. Looks nice 'n sharp!
- Brightened the red and green "lights" a bit.
- Fixed a bug with a seam going through the holes near the bow dive planes. Re-routed the seam to make another panel.
- Included custom emblems to replicate the sail numbers of U-1 through U-6. You have to wait a few patrols to use them, but once you can they're pretty spiffy!

More info at
Enjoy the textures!

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