Counter-Strike: Source - Fishhook

File Info: Counter-Strike: Source - Fishhook

Counter-Strike: Source - Fishhook
Andrew Farrell
Also known as:
Half-Life: Counter-Strike: Source
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Description: Counter-Strike: Source - Fishhook

This is a remake of the classic Socom II map Fishhook. There are many improvements to this version and thank you for downloading.

This version of fishhook is now a bomb defusal map. Therefor the spawn locations have changed and I have also added a tunnel that extends from the far beach to the CTs spawn. The map has a very seasonal feel to it and I have done my best to optimize the map. It has taken me since January to build and I thank anyone who downloads it. The zip file contains some pictures for you to advertise on your homepage and everything else (custom textures, .nav file) is zipped into the bsp.

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