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Far Cry - Unofficial Map Pack #2
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Description: Far Cry - Unofficial Map Pack #2

The maps in this map pack were created entirely by the Far Cry community. Although the main author is credited below, this pack is a truly a joint effort as many mappers assisted or gave advice on some of the maps. We congratulate the winners of the map contest and hope that those maps and rest of the maps are enjoyed by community.

The maps included in this map pack are:


* mp_arctico by Ionized
* mp_aurora by Led_Zep
* mp_bayou by Led_Zep
* mp_bombay_f by Destroyer
* mp_cypress by JCD
* mp_desolate by Rowdy
* mp_fortmcrae by ThaBullet
* mp_galeras by Led_Zep
* mp_monkeyassault by JCD
* mp_riodiablo_f by Destroyer
* mp_rockcove by Led_Zep
* mp_shipyard_f by Destroyer
* mp_tropic by JCD
* mp_urbanwar by JCD


* mp_casbah by Bloody Mary
* mp_crypt by Comfortably Numb
* mp_cubicles by tomatoes
* mp_ibiza2 by Bloody Mary
* mp_morgue by Closed Casket
* mp_slugworth_keep by Bush Doktor

Bonus MOD

As a bonus, this map pack includes the most recent version of the Tacto mod. After you complete the installation of this map pack, you will be given the option to install the Tacto mod for Far Cry.


Destroyer: Map selection, editing, testing.
Led_Zep: Map selection, editing, testing.
Slugworth: Map selection, testing, file and game server hosting, installer, documentation.
Box Aluminum: Installer graphics
Far Cry Gamers: Map suggestions, testing feedback
Doublewide Hosting: distribution bandwidth

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