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The Legend of Mir 3 Client
Wemade Entertainment, Co.
Also known as:
Legend of Mir III: Prelude To War, The Legend of Mir3
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Description: The Legend of Mir 3 Client

An Oriental Based MMORPG Game, The Legend of Mir series is a MMORPG set in the Eastern fantasy realm. It has introduced Eastern style fantasy MMORPGs to the game market where Western style fantasy MMORPGs dominated and has inspired many other games. Legend of MIR 3 was released as an expansion to Legend of MIR 2. It inherits all the great features and storyline of its predecessor, but adds great features such as better graphics and improved quest systems.

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The unique characteristics of "Legend of MIR3", which have become the proud trademarks of this MMORPG, are the 3 superbly balanced character classes, exciting siege warfare, massive AI invasions and raids, easy intuitive interfaces, its own unique quest system and the complex element system.

"Mir" means "dragon" in ancient Korean and the continent, which is the place for the game play, bears the name as well. The users, who wish to step on to the mysterious and amazing world, will be able to select a role of Warrior, Sorcerer, and Taoist to be reborn as a hero to repulsing the endless attacks from the evil forces and protect the continent.

List of Key features of the game

*Vast scenario and story line
*Many different types of quests
(Daily quests ~ Grand quests)
*Improved merchant system
*Three castles to lay siege
*AI triggered events like mass invasion
*Strong character customization
*7 different element types
*Customizable interface

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