UFO: Enemy Unkown - Cheating & Edititing Utility

File Info: UFO: Enemy Unkown - Cheating & Edititing Utility

UFO: Enemy Unkown - Cheating & Edititing Utility
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Also known as:
X-COM: UFO Defense, XCOM: UFO Defense
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Description: UFO: Enemy Unkown - Cheating & Edititing Utility

Cheaters and editors for the game UFO-Enemy Unkown.

here are the readme files in the archives.
Short: explode.library 7.0, 68040/60 bugfix
Author: [email protected] (Grzegorz Calkowski)
Uploader: [email protected]
Type: util/libs

explode.library 7.0

This is a bug-fix of the explode.library, library needed by executables
crunched with TurboImploder - old but still the best cruncher for executables.
However, the library has a bug hidden for nearly 5 years! Although authors
claim that decrunching routines are aware of 68040's copyback mode - this is
not truth! They clear caches ONLY when an executable calls the decrunching
routine of explode.library directly. However, after the library has patched
LoadSeg() and NewLoadSeg() vectors... pooof! That's no longer the case! In
effect, small files, when imploded, can randomly crash on 040 machines. This
also applies to 68060 CPU, which has even bigger datacache.

As I still use TurboImploder I decided to disasemble it and fix the bug :) Also
I removed 1.3 support code and did few optimizations, what made the library
slightly shorter.

This version is based on explode.library 6.0.64 (28.10.91!!) by Peter Struijk
and Albert J.Brouwer. I hope I didn't violate copyright by releasing this
bug-fix ;)


Short: UFO/X-COM weapons editor
Uploader: [email protected] (Kay Ove Ovesen)
Author: [email protected] (Kay Ove Ovesen)
Type: game/misc
Requires: OS 2.0+
Version: 1.2

Copyright © 1999 Kay Ove Ovesen.
All rights reserved.

OBEdit is a small command-line utility that can import/export values from
X-COM I and II's OBDATA.DAT file to tab- or comma separated ASCII files. These
files can esily be manipulated by most database or spreadsheet programs.

OBEdit is written in Amiga E, and the source code is available at


- Successfully implemented "$VER:" version string. (Finally got it working!)
- Improved import-file exception handling. No longer aborts if procline() or
impvalues() encounter out-of-range data, but rather skips the object
(line in CSV/RFF file) entirely and prints it to the console.
- Added the "Verbose" option just for the heck of it.
- No bugs fixed because: no bugs found.


- Implemented short versions of most commands.
- Added the 'exporttsv' argument to export TAB-separated ASCII files without
RFF headers.
- Added the ability to scan exported files and report errors encountered in
them. Not terribly useful as such, since the import methods apply the same
comprehensive error checking routines. However, it provides a quick way of
comparing exported files without actually printing them out.

This small Tool allows cheating during a tactical battle.
You have to choose a tacdata.sav file.
This tool is already an alpha-version, something can happen, what not should
be happen.

Function: After choosing a savefile (tacdata.sav) you have to enter the
number of soldiers and tanks who are in action.
The reading of the file will taken a while. Then a list with all aliens appears
(If you can see the name of one of your soldiers or an tank, quit, start again
and enter the correct number of soldiers and tanks)

then the following functions are active:

Töten: kill all aliens with the exeption of the first

Betäuben: same effect like Töten but only stuns the aliens (exept the first)

Speichern: saves all data back

Beenden: quit out

One alien MUST stay alive, that means it MUST NOT be KILLED,STUNED or CONTROLLED
by PSI in the actual round. (Ignoring this advice will end in a feedback loop)
It's the best to end the actual round and toast the alien in the next.



I'm playing UFO for nearly 4 years. It's a very hard game,
so I decided to cheat to win. The structure of the savegame
is very easy to analyze so I changed values manually.

In November 1998 I found the Basiccompiler ACE in the Aminet.
I tested this tool and wrote this program...

By reading the word "cheat" you will know what this tool is for.
Ok, it's a tool to change values of soldiers and bases.

Now you will ask "Why one more UFO-Savegame-Editor".

Right, there are a lot of editors in the Aminet. All have one
disadvantage: they won't work with my UFO version.
Sure there are some cheat-guides with some addresses of the
savegame file. But I found out nearly all and it's very time
expensive to change the values of 20 soldiers manually.
Then you have to search always the right position to insert
something. Then happens something like : changed value to get
65535 Elerium 115 and move 2 Byte to far you have 65535 mind

Here you need this tool. Change the savegame without using
much time. Cheat the right positions with the right values.
No longer counting bytes or calculating dec numbers to hex
numbers to cheat.

If you have Downloaded this text file..you must be really agravated with
how difficult and slow playing UFO is, although it is a really good game.

This text file will enable you to Edit your UFO save game file in order
to win well actually realy realy help you at playing the game.

Your will be able to use alien weapons even though you did not collect the
technology from them, however you will have to Research the alien weapons
technology. Same for UFO construction. You will have Acess to researching
all availlabe (or most) UFO ships and Alien life forms, including
researching the cyclona bust (or whatever) which will enable you to go to
mars and beat the shit out of the alien base. only an avenger can fly to
mars..and equip your players with fusion ball launchers and the most
destructive weapons availlable for mars..no stun..just kick arse!

Now take a peek at the picture and come back here for explanations.

In order for the Cheat to work..you must FIRST construct all 3 bases
on earth. Try to spread them out wisely!

Once you have done this, ave your Game and use newzap to edit the file.

use the picture file as a refference to edit the save game file.

change all the values that were EXACTLY INDICATED in color, to FF ex:

ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff
ffffffff etc...

The colors were just to show the different bases which they affected.

The Value for money must be set to what is indicated in the Picture
, 3B9AC9F8 for 999,999,999 dollars US.

The awesome thing about this hack is that you also get to research and build
all the advances buildings such as psionic lab and fusion ball befences
etc.. early in the game!!

Also..after changing all the weapon values (top newzap in picture file),
you only need to manifacture one of each item, and your inventory will
indicate yu have 255 or 226 of these items! (Although some items may be in
the reearch window..they might already be availlable ei:Flying suits!)

Best of all..you get a shit load of elyrium !!!!!!!!

One draw back is that I was not able to find out the location for the
UFO power source and UFO Navigation. Once you get these from a mission, I am
not sure if these items will go to 256 (items) or you might have to re-edit
the save game file to update/refresh your FF's.

Weapon storage buildings are not neccessary when using the cheat..although
it might help to build 2 or 3 of them.

One problem is the fact that your bases will have 255 scientsts and 255
technitians (or whtever, can't remember their title). so you will not
be able to purchase soldiers in bases 2 and 3 until you build enough Living
space for all the 255 scientsts and other dudes and the soldiers themselves.
you can try selling Scientisis etc to make space.

A Formidable ship is the Avenger with Fusion ball launcher/Ammo!

NOTICE: When editing, be sure to have the Current sector and ending sector
at the same location, and above all..backup your save game file.

Included is an Example Save game file that has been already Edited.

Disclaimer: Use this hack at your own risk. If you Computer pukes and our
monitor jumps off your desk, it's not my fault.

Author of Hack: James Lanteigne / The (Music) Mixer.

My Internet Address is [email protected]

Excuse my writing, But I hate writing text files,more so if they are not
in my native language.

Short: UFO - Enemy Unknown - ECS - Money Cheat!+
Author: [email protected] (Dean Husby)
Uploader: [email protected] (Dean Husby)
Type: game/patch
Replaces: ufo_ecs.lha

Being an A3000 owner, I'm stuck with ECS software unless it supports CyberGfx.
With Team17 and many soft Co's still not supporting gfx cards my entertainment selec-
tions are severely limited. So when I found 'UFO - Enemy Unknown ECS', I was ec-

But UFO is a hard game. I've noticed many MONEY cheats for the AGA version of UFO
but none of them work on the ECS version. This file gives one way to fix that.

That's right, this file will tell you how to have over 2+ billion in cash to
play with! See more inside!

*** Now also includes the Elerium - 115 cheat as well! ***



August 7, 1997


UFO_Cheat_Util is safe to use. However, just in case: I take no
responsability what so ever for any damage caused by the use or
misuse of the program.
When spreading the program, make sure to include this Read_Me file.

UFO_Cheat_Util is copyright 1996-97 by Mike Hiltunen

System Requirements.

Any Amiga
UFO, Enemy Unknown (the game)
1 MB of Chip RAM
OS 1.3+


To install UFO_Cheat_Util to your harddrive, copy the UFO_Cheat_Util
drawer to your UFO game drawer.

Introduction [and NTSC users]

UFO_Cheat_Util is a program I made a long time ago for my own needs.
Since some UFO fans requested this cheat utility I decided to fine tune
it a little bit and release it. However, NTSC users will notice a bit
unusual support for their screen modes. Instead of displaying only 200
lines you get the usual 256 PAL-lines (of which only 200 are visible) and
are then able to scroll the screen up and down using the mouse pointer.

This is just a quick and dirty support for NTSC users since I didn't have
time to do it like I really should. Hope it's enough.



Copyright © 1995 By Jan Lennartsson

The first and maybe, only release.

- Disclaimer

UfoEd is Copyright © 1995 by Jan Lennartsson. All rights reserved.
UfoEd may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes only.
The author assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever. If the
program crashes you're computer or something worse you're on you're own.
The English in this document is probably not correct grammatically or
spelling, so please do not flame me for it. ;)

- Introduction:

UfoEd is a saved game editor for the game Ufo The Enemy Unknown (X-Com).
I only made Ufoed for my own use, to learn programming on the Amiga. I have
not tested the program on another system so i don't know how it will
perform on other configurations. There are some bugs that I'm aware of,
but it works satisfying for my use. Therefore i will not make a new version
if no one ells is interested.

- Requirement:

Amiga, Power Supply ;), Monitor (TV) ;), Amiga OS 2.04+,
Ufo The Enemy Unknown, ASL and GadTools library.

- Installing:

Simply drag the icon to a drawer of you're own choice.

- What UfoEd expects of you:

To have a save game directory, that X-Com has created for you.
To get that, start a New X-Com game, build a few bases (you only need
to place the access lift) then save the game and exit.

- Starting UfoEd:

Start it from the Workbench, by simply double clicking on the UfoEd
icon. You will then see a window with some disabled gadgets and a
directory requester will appear. Select the directory were the save game
files are placed.(UfoEd can only edit existing soldiers and bases, it
can't create new ones for you.)

- Gadgets:

Soldier/Base - Switch between soldier and base editor.
Found - Change the amount of money in the game.
- Scrolls between the soldiers/bases.
'name' - Shows the soldiers/base name.
Elit Soldiers - Flying suit + 110 in bravery and 180 in every thing else.
Rank - Changes the rank of the soldier.
Missions - Changes missions the soldier been on.
Armour - Change the armour on the soldier.
Kills - Change kills the soldier made.
Time Unit - Changes how the soldier will act the turn.
Stamina - Changes the Stamina of the soldier.
Health - Changes the Health of the soldier.
Bravery - Changes Bravery (I haven't figured this one out yet,
so just set it to 0, and you will get 110 in bravery.)
Reactions - Changes how fast he will react.
Firing Accuracy - Changes his ability to shoot.
Throwing Accuracy - Changes how far and good he will trow.
Strength - Changes the Strength of the soldier.
PSI Strength - Changes the PSI strength of the soldier.
PSI Skill - Changes the PSI skill of the soldier.
'Store' - Changes the amount of the selected item in store.
(UfoEd will not check if you have enough of free space)
'Base structure' - Lets you delete, edit the time to build or place a new
building at the base.

- Thanks to:

Family and friends, Terje A. Barth and Hi-Soft for the HS-Pascal package.

- Author:

Jan Lennartsson
Vårfruvägen 4
149 01 Nynäshamn

E-mail: [email protected]

- Version History:

1.0: First and maybe, only release.

Bugs: If you flip the soldier/base gadget to fast several times the
program crashes. Doesn't return all memory reserved. Calculation
of bravery does not work as it should (set it to 0 to get 110).

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