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Enemy Territory - True Combat: Elite v.49

File Info: Enemy Territory - True Combat: Elite v.49

Enemy Territory - True Combat: Elite v.49
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Description: Enemy Territory - True Combat: Elite v.49

True Combat: Elite is a modern world total conversion modification of the free, popular, stand-alone first-person shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. That is, True Combat: Elite is an entirely free game, made by gamers, for gamers.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is needed to play this mod & it's FREE. What, you don't have Enemy Territory yet? Click HERE!

Changelog and Bug Fixes:


completely removed enemy name identifier (was 1.5 seconds delay to avoid "name scanning" before)
fixed scoreboard
introduced "damage rating" (DR) = (damage_given - damage_received - team_damage)/100.0f
scoreboard now shows score, damage rating (DR), armament availability (AA), ping
heavily modified AA system: Each team is now splitted in three groups (best, medium, worst) based on score and DR (if score is the same).
The best AA of the best group equals the round number +1, the other groups get modifiers of 0 and -1.
reduced the AA levels in the loadout to 3 (was 4 before). Shotguns are available from the start.
players get no negative score for being team killed
introduced 5 second spawn protection in 1-life. Lamers that attempt to team kill or grenade spam are passified and "ROE violation" message is broadcasted to everyone.
auto voices ("contact", "taking fire") are flood protected at 20 secs (was 10 secs)
reduced default matchlimit (lms_g_matchlimit) to 2 (was 5). Two matches of five rounds are played before a map
change is initiated.
completely reworked ETs trigger/delay system for bullet weapons to Q3TC045 standard. Bullet weapons are now triggered instantaneously (was 50 msec delay) and semi-auto fire can be retriggerd all 100 msec (was 200 msec before)
massively reduced retrigger rate of semi-auto and pump shotguns. Semi-auto operation is now faster than pump operation.
-fixed deployment menu weapon selection, where some guns could not be selected and hosted guns could be selected.
fixed problem with saved spawnpoints for the frozen warmup (might not be the problem that occurs on servers though)
fixed bug where elimination of terrorists could turn a won game after bomb explosion to a lost game. Wait times in bomb_detonated and bomb_defused trigger events had to be removed from map scripts.


-added announcer voices for round and match end.
-fixed mark projection bug where metal exit shaders where missing
-added missing terror auto radio wave files
-updated mossberg 590c skin
-sun flare is now angle dependent
-flares fall off with distance, improved close-by gloom effects

-G6/TeamTerminator Development Team

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