SkyBlade: Sword of the Heavens Client

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SkyBlade: Sword of the Heavens Client
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Sky Blade: Sword of the Heavens
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Sky Blade Sword of the Heavens is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the popular Korean manga Pachun Il Gum. The game is set on the backdrop of an oriental-fantasy universe allowing players to explore the Jijon Universe - a cosmos comprising of planets ruled by vicious animal rulers based on ancient oriental myths. The characters play the role of martial art warriors all vying for the greatest destiny - to become the Jijon King, the absolute and most powerful ruler of all worlds.

NOTE: This game is in Beta! A credit card is NOT required and the game is FREE to play.

The 2D graphic engine of the game allows for beautiful and visually detailed characters, creatures and backgrounds that interact with one another to offer a distinct kind of experience for the gamers. The game engine can support hundreds of characters on screen resulting to a frantic, frenzied but engaging gaming experience when players are battling it out during sect wars, tournaments and castle sieges or fending off hordes of different monsters during game events.

There are 8 types of characters to choose from, each of them with their own unique sets of unique abilities and skills. Furthermore, these characters can perform varied and extraordinary skills - among of which are flying, jumping, meditation (recovery skill), teleportation and summoning of monsters.

Aside from the basic quest and community system present in typical MMOPRGs, the game also offers other unique features such as the inter-planetary travel system, marriage system, child rearing and leveling system, monster farming and the ability to masquerade as a boss monster.

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