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World of Warcraft - Addon Fixer v2.2

File Info: World of Warcraft - Addon Fixer v2.2

World of Warcraft - Addon Fixer v2.2
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Description: World of Warcraft - Addon Fixer v2.2

This little app changes the build in the .toc files of all your WoW Addons to the current build number. Use this if you have outdated Addons that don't work in the current Build and if no newer version exists. Also creates Backups of your Addons and Settings.

Changes :
v2.2 - 23. Feb. 2005 (08:30)
- use custom Build to update your Addons
- minor improvement of the Log
- removed the background image to make it less confusing for some people
- fixed the "could not use WoWAF when no Addons are installed"-Issue
(you can now use it without any Addons in your AddOns Folder to fix the FrameXML.toc)

v2.1 - 22. Feb. 2005 (13:45)
- Shows Number of installed Addons
- option to select if only FrameXML.toc should be changed
- repositioning of some GUI Elements + smaller Buttons
- changed backupfile format to .zip for simple editing and viewing
- improved Backup Feature and added WTF Folder into Backup
- added option to remove read-only rights on WTF Folder
- removed .nopatch Support for this release

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