Counter-Strike Source - Nicosoft Map Pack

File Info: Counter-Strike Source - Nicosoft Map Pack

Counter-Strike Source - Nicosoft Map Pack
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Half-Life: Counter-Strike: Source
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Description: Counter-Strike Source - Nicosoft Map Pack

This is a map pack created by Nicosoftgames forum users that includes 15 Counter-Strike Source maps. Read below for further information!

This map pack includ 15 new levels made by the Nicosoftgames forum users.

The added levels are:
by Speud
by Lioblueman
by -SplinterDark-
by Hioube
by Blusnak
by Mike Laine
by Bo* Lu6fer
by DIERICK Nicolas
by Speud
by Mike Laine
by Quezako
by Protozoaire
by Akira
by Lilo
by Snoop

To install the pack on Windows, just run the Setup.exe and give your Steam login.

If you are not on Window, go to the Nicosoftgames web site to download the package for your OS.

Thanks to have downloaded this map pack

The nicosoftgames web site is a mapping community, with more than 1Go of videotutotials, to learn how to mapping, modding...


Map pack made by DIERICK Nicolas <> MC_RaT, and the mapping community of Nicosoftgames.

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