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Battlefield 1942 - El Alamein for AirPlanes
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Description: Battlefield 1942 - El Alamein for AirPlanes

Before, the edit of El_Alamein was a training ground for DoD-Members only. But now it is official for all! For more information about play modes, rules, special planes and lot'a other stuff, read the readme file that is included.

I have posted the readme here. However. It is also in the zip file.


Installing: To install, extract the El_Alamein.rfa file into the directory depending on where your battlefield 1942 is. Mine is located here:

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\BF1942\Archives\BF1942\Levels\

Note, that the directory:
Will allways be there. But the other directory might be the one that you choosed in the beginning of install.

Playing: The only way you can play the modded El_Alamein is to click "add server" when you've clicked the "multiplayer" button, and write IP: Then click OK, and a game called Mathy will apear. If it is writen with grey text something is wrong, and you should really look at my TroubleShooting guide below. Also. If you want to report bugs with server, map or anything other STUPID CRAP i proppally made (^^), mail to [email protected] and tell me about it.



Question: When i click "add server" with the ip: it says: Server not found.
Answer: This can mean different things. I have listed the possibilities below:
1: You have inserted a wrong IP adress. Note that there isn't any . in the end.
2: Your PC doesn't seems to automaticly filled out the Port Field. The portnumber is: 14567.
3: You haven't installed the map correctly. Follow the install guide once again.

Question: When i click "add server" it actually works! However, the text of the game is grey, and when i join it says: "Data differs from server"
Answer: There is only 1 possible solution on this.
1: You haven't installed the map correctly. Follow the install guide once again.

Question: What do i do once in the game?
Answer: I have listed the "rules" below the FAQ. However. This is a AirPlane-Training-Map.

Question: Are you planning to make new versions of your map?
Answer: Yes, if anyone will report errors, i'll fix that in next version. However, i won't make new versions of the map from now on.

Question: You have listed the Rules below. Right? But in game the server sometimes says: "No Rules on Game Play, Enjoy!" So are there rules? Or aren't there any rules?
Answer: There are rules. But not on gameplay. If there is no rules in gameplay it means that you may shot your teammates, and what you like to terrorisme the game. But! Do not brake the rules listed below. Theese are server rules that can crash the server.



1: Spawn at the flag cannons at the EastOpenOutPost and shot passing planes. On this way you get a lot of experience in shooting planes. When all of the flak cannons on the base is bombed by passing planes, the server will restart as a result that the AirPort wins. The maintarget is to destroy all the passing planes. If this happends (arround 15 planes) your team (The AirPlane Destruction Base) will win.

2: Spawn at the AirPort and fly through obtacles, shot enemy targets on ground, learn how to be a good parachute dropper and much more. However. The maintarget is to destroy all the flak cannons shooting at you.


Rule 1: Do not use the !restart command without permission from Mathy (me)
Rule 2: Do not use the !kick command without permissiong from Mathy (me)
Rule 3: Do not do ANYTHING stupid against our DoD-Members. However. You may say anything to those who aren't member
Rule 4: You may use command: !setnext
Rule 5: You may NOT use command: !change


This isn't listed yet. Comming soon. Keep an eye for updates.
Anyway. I have listed myself! (^^)

Eagle 1: DoD-Clan Master


Comming soon. This isn't listed yet. However, i am working on some MOVIES of the game using program: Sprank. They will be in gif format. And i guess you want that more than screenshots :)

-End of Guide-

WoW. That's what i call a guide huh? Took me arround 15 minuttes :)


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