Halo - Halo2 Custom Edition Mod

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Halo - Halo2 Custom Edition Mod
HaloCE H2 Mapping Team
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It's true! Zanzibar has officially been updated and released and the doubted existence of New Mombasa 'H2' has now been crushed. Both maps are live as of today and are up for public download! Are you still here? Get to the downloads section and get them NOW!!!

Naturally, with the release of Halo 2, Xbox owners have been treated to a slew of new multiplayer features including dual wielding, dynamic maps, new weapons and more. Up until now, fans of Halo PC were limited to the gameplay mechanics found in the original game. But that's all changing, thanks to the efforts of a few ambitious and dedicated modders who have made it their mission to re-create Halo 2 for Halo CE. I recently caught up with the guys behind this project to get some insight into how things are going and what it's like creating a mod for Halo CE.

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