Warcraft 3 - Lord of The Rings: Third Age

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Warcraft 3 - Lord of The Rings: Third Age
Also known as:
Warcraft III, Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos
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Description: Warcraft 3 - Lord of The Rings: Third Age

With the minions of Sauron on the move, will the Forces of Good be able to overcome the surmounting evil that is plaguing the lands of Middle Earth? [Utilizes Ring War styled gameplay]

LotR: The Third Age (AZ-1.0a)

What is it?
This map takes the "good" elements of my War of the Ring III map (detailed terrain, large variety of units & heroes, and intense combat) with the gameplay style of the War of the Jewels. But with new added features such as the ability to build forward bases with barracks, fountains, and towers. In addition to this I've downplayed the downside of War of the Ring III by decreasing the number of doodads and destructables tremendously from over 11000 to around 8300. From what I have learned from my testers, this helped decrease the lag a lot better.

What's in it?
- Over 300 spawnable units
- 40+ Heroes
- 28 City Based Spawn Points
- 100+ Spells & Abilities
- 6 different levels of military reinforcements
- Balanced units according to WC3's variations [on 16 different unit levels] (according to testers this makes the problem of game balance a non-issue)
- Ability to build forward bases to launch your sieges against cities.

How does it work?
Upgrading armies is the key prevailent in all Ring War styled games. This is no different, you will get better armies depending on the number of villages or orc camps you build. In addition to this, I tried not to restrict the players to simply spawns, so you can build some basic units from barracks and siege camps for a fee (its now very expensive to buy ranged siege).

The One Ring
Similar to War of the Ring III the One Ring plays a role, but not one that will help you win the game indefinately. If you bring Frodo to Mount Doom and hold him there for 5 mins with the One Ring. This will destroy all of Mordor's units in Middle Earth, however the other "Evil's" units will remain and fight on.

How to Win?
You must take out all of the opposing team's cities in order to win the game. This makes it have a measure of difficulty, as people may try to go straight for your main and put that spawn out of business, similar to the way War of the Ring II played out.

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