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The Wilderness Mos v.2.1

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File Info: The Wilderness Mos v.2.1

The Wilderness Mos v.2.1
The Puma Man
Also known as:
Morrowind, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
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Description: The Wilderness Mos v.2.1

Final version 2.1
Added interactivity with all cats and dogs (Feed and Pet) Spruced up many scripts that caused an FPS hit. It should run faster now. All Wilderness 2.0's ingredients now stack correctly in inventory. New better texture for Sheep. Several small tweaks and fixes.
Added optional fixes for GIANTS Ultimate too!

Requires Bloodmoon expansion pack.
Night and day animals some avoid rain. Hundreds more spawning points added. More creatures than most mods out there and surely the most of any Morrowind mod ever made. Ultra-realistic features like real life fish species where some kinds are only found in freshwater while others only in the ocean! Sea life like seals, whales and dolfins found only in the ocean! All of Cait's animals thus far available are included! Look to the skies and see birds! Migrating animals in herds! Domesting pets wandering towns that are protected by law (the first time ever done)! All animals placed in apropriate climate regions! Merges "Caits' Critters Unleashed" and updates it with many more kinds of animals just made by Cait! All street lights can have insects buzzing around them at night! New Mythical creatures include Lady E's Unicorns and fairies! Tons of new ingredients for alchemy and food! Everything from version 1.1 still there like the Waternymph race, butterflies, wasps, bees, bats (with vampirism) and fireflies.

v.2.0's New creatures and features:
- Flying birds - Eagles, crows, vultures, and seagulls.
- Penguins in Solstheim.
- Deer.
- Unicorns. You can speak to them and they'll grant you magic!
- 20 new looks for the snakes. Real species each snake acts different as well.
- Over 80 different new types of fish! Different fish are assigned to fresh and saltwater, arctic and tropical!
- Sea animals: whales, octupus, sea horse, rays, crabs, killerwhales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, seals and freshwater manatees.
- Farm animals: goats, cows, steers, pigs, hens, roosters, bulls, pigs, sows, piglets, calves, ducks, geese, ducklings, chicks, turkeys and sheep. Each with its own sounds and features.
- Wolly Mammoths that migrate in Solstheim.
- Big Cats: pumas, bengal tigers, cougars and snow leopards.
- Cave bats with new models.
- Giant Ants.
- Buffalo. Some in herds.
- New white moths and yellow butterflies.
- Domestic animals: Horses, donkeys, cats and dogs. Protected by law.
- Fairies.
- Willow wisps.
- Dozens of new ingredients.
- New better looks for bees.
- Bugs buzzing around street lights at night time.
- Updated mammoth textures.
- New spawn points added.
- Updated the Guard Attack scripts with the ones from GIANTS: Tribunal/Ultimate
- Now uses "Bloodmoon-style" Leveling
- Merges lists through scripts. No longer needs Horatio’s Leveled List merger program.
- All creatures show up regardless if you have GIANTS running or not.

Note: Still uses GIANTS' spawns. GIANTS v 2.7.1 is recommended for full effect.

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