Half-Life 2 - CS Source: TJF's 2004 Map Pack

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File Info: Half-Life 2 - CS Source: TJF's 2004 Map Pack

Half-Life 2 - CS Source: TJF's 2004 Map Pack
TJF's Maps
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Half-Life: Counter-Strike: Source
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Description: Half-Life 2 - CS Source: TJF's 2004 Map Pack

A collection of high quality fun maps released by TJF's Maps in 2004. Includes cs_reflex3 and aim_advance; two of the best fun maps for Counter-Strike Source out there.

TJF's Maps 2004 Fun Map Mini Pack

*** Four high quality Counter-Strike Source Fun Maps by TJF's Maps! ***

A small handful of 32 player fun maps released by TJF's Maps for
Counter-Strike Source in 2004. All of these maps have been made with careful
attention to detail and strategy, which has become characteristic of all maps
made by TJF's Maps.

Maps Included:

The ultimate version of the popular cs_reflex map!
High detail graphics, realist landscapes, and unique physics interactions.

Grenades are scattered around this small map which must be thrown
over a separating wall in order to eliminate the opposing force.

Players spawn in a cellular structured maze and must break away the
walls of the cells to make their way to their opponents' position.

Players spawn in a highly detailed mountainous valley and must take careful
aim at the team on the other side of the valley across the river. The most
detailed AIM map to date.

http://maps.TJFweb.com for more information...

Unzip this zip file to the following directory (substituting username):
"C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\***username***\counter-strike source"

Alternatively, manually copy and paste the contents of the "maps" directory
in this zip file to your "counter-strike source\cstrike\maps" directory.

Note to Server Admins:
These are small maps, so it is wise to enable client downloading so that
players who don't have the maps will automatically download them when they
connect. To allow client downloading of maps, set "sv_allowupload 1"

Release Notes:
Released as "TJF's Maps 2004 Fun Map Mini Pack" on 29 Dec 2004.

Built for Counter-Strike Source by TJF (email [email protected])

For more high quality maps, tutorials, guides and reviews, please visit
TJF's Maps at http://maps.TJFweb.com

(c) 2004, TJF's Maps.

You may freely use and distribute these maps via any form of digital media provided
that all of the following conditions have been satisfied:

1. The filenames of the maps and any accompanying files remain unmodified.
2. The maps remain in their original form and have not been hacked, decompiled,
modified, or altered in any way.
3. This Readme.txt file accompanies the map files.

*** Note: If you are compiling a map pack and wish to include these maps, you
may omit this Readme.txt file if you have made your own compiled
Readme, but you must state the names of these maps and the URL
to TJF's Maps (http://maps.TJFweb.com) in the compiled Readme.

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