UT2004 C&C Vehicle Mutator

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UT2004 C&C Vehicle Mutator
UTC&C Team
Also known as:
UT 2004, Unreal Tournament II 2004
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Description: UT2004 C&C Vehicle Mutator

This is a mutator for UT2004 that places the vehicles and turrets from the command And conquer universe within the Onslaught gametype.

Name: UTC&C Vehicle Mutator
Version: beta2 ~11.2MB
Compatibility: UT2004 ONLY, ONS AND VCTF gametypes.
Description: A mutator that places vehicles from the C&C universe in the onslaught gametype.
Comments: This is still very much a work in progress and designed mainly to give players an idea of an in developement C&C RTS type mod.
Remember, this mutator puts players in the C&C universe - a universe of TOW, ADPS and machine guns.
The mutator also includes all the tools for map makers to place C&C vehicles on their maps. When placing turret pawns in unreal ed, make sure you change the property bspawnonlyonce to false so that the turret will respawn after death.

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