UT2004 - Unreal4Ever v4.0 [Zip]

File Info: UT2004 - Unreal4Ever v4.0 [Zip]

UT2004 - Unreal4Ever v4.0 [Zip]
U4E Team
Also known as:
UT 2004, Unreal Tournament II 2004
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Description: UT2004 - Unreal4Ever v4.0 [Zip]

Flash forward 50 years after the destruction of the Skaarj Homeworld by the Dimensional Rifts. The entire Skaarj race has vanished leaving no trace. The remains of their planet though have become a gold mine for a certain human corporation.

A conglomeration of Weapon and Spacecraft building companies known as the "United For Earth" corporation (U4E) has, over the past 10 years, been slowly plundering the scarred Skaarj Homeworld for all kinds of new technology and biological treasures that have accumulated on it's surface from the dimensional rifts.

Here's a quick rundown of everything you'll find inside this brand new release:

The Phasor (Beam em down)
The BFG2k4 (the big green blob of doom)
The dollbomb (mama!)
Gateways (kill the gates, before the monsters coming from it kill you!)
Vehicle Gateways (Use vehicles to survive somewhat longer)
A UFO (scare your enemies, then burn them to a crisp)
New mutator menu (Total control over weapon placement)
IAM replace (have an match with a none-overheating IAM
And from version 1 and 2:
Quantum Singularity Generator (QSG, makes Blackholes)
Industrial Anti-Gravity Mover (IAM, pick up and throw people)
Fleshbomb Rifle (injects Exploding Serum into victim)
QuickSilver (shoots bouncing bolts)
Hive Grenades (releases a swarm of tiny homing missiles)
Beretta (old 9mm friend, plus damage enhancer)
357 Python Magnum (6 Powerful rounds)
Bubblegun (Inflate and explode, or just trap for fun)
Railgun (Shoots and tracks people through walls)
Tomahawk (Portable Guided missile system)
Reaper (bouncing blade, thrown and controlled remotely)
Katana (Powerful Sword with mystical properties)
Gas Grenades (Green Toxic Gas)
Shrapnel Grenades (Vietnam-style Pineapple grenades)
Sticky Grenades (Clings to your enemies, explodes on contact with others)
Flying Grenades (Hovering, heat-sinking, messagers of death)
Berserk (go berserk when you killed enough people)

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