Chris Sawyer's Locomotion v1.76 Patch

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File Info: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion v1.76 Patch

Chris Sawyer's Locomotion v1.76 Patch
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Description: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion v1.76 Patch

This is the v1.76 patch for Chris Sawyer's Locomotion fixing many small things for the retail game all listed below.

Chris Sawyer's Locomotion by Chris Sawyer - US retail v1.76 patch

Download Instructions

1. Click on the Locomotion v1.76 Patch link
2. When prompted, save it where you will be able to find it (use Desktop if you
are not familiar with directories)

Install Instructions

1. Locate the downloaded patch (LOCO_PATCH176_USA.EXE) and double-click it
2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

File Details

- Tutorial 1 road vehicle failed to start at end of tutorial (only affected US
- Vehicles would occasionally overtake even if road wasn't clear (could also
cause 2 player game to go out of sync).
- Using scenario editor to generate large worlds with high number of large
cities resulted in industries failing to animate.
- Removing a broken-down power car from trains with multiple power cars could
leave train in permanently broken down state.
- Routing problems with trains approaching multiple-track stations.
- Entering blank name when setting station name caused crash.
- Ships and aircraft could be sold while broken down.
- Displaying town list or industry list window in scenario editor and then
generating new landscape could cause crash.
- "Please insert your CD" message not translated (German only).
- Trains wouldn't unload and load if breakdown on approach to station.
- Construction possible while quit confirmation window displayed and game
- Gridlock possible if both aircraft and helicopters used at large airport.
- Certain combinations of train vehicles could cause trains to be automatically
removed from track when train is reversed.
- Sea level option in scenario editor caused inconsistent results at values
over +28 - Fixed (now restricted to +28)

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