Counter-Strike: Source - PAF Map Pack #1

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File Info: Counter-Strike: Source - PAF Map Pack #1

Counter-Strike: Source - PAF Map Pack #1
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Half-Life: Counter-Strike: Source
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Description: Counter-Strike: Source - PAF Map Pack #1

This is an map pack for Counter-Strike Source. It will add 28 new maps to CS Source. All of the Maps, Sounds, Skins etc copyright their original owners/creators.

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M A P - C R E A T O R - C R E D I T S

aim_ak-colt_v3.bsp - Created by the_zombie
aim_akm4ruins2.bsp - Created by Tysn
aim_badneighbors.bsp - Created by kn!fe
aim_map_duelies.bsp - Created by oxident
aim_shotgun3.bsp - Created by [TUF]Gods^Spear
aim_tmp.bsp - Created by Justin Iezzi
aim_usp_v2.bsp - Created by the_zombie
ar_cbq.bsp - Created by ARTO-UK
cs_assault_lith.bsp - Created by Monolith
cs_assault_mini.bsp - Created by Shark
cs_assault_ren.bsp - Created by unknown
cs_lanpartymayhem.bsp - Created by -=SkYnEt=-
de_inferno_s_v2.bsp - Created by Shark
de_officesiege.bsp - Created by Mediocre
de_rats.bsp - Created by RomeoJGuy
dm_bloodbath.bsp - Submitted by {LOD} Scarecrow
y_dustdm.bsp - Created by pixartist
he_tennis.bsp - Created by onboarderror
m_maze.bsp - Created by Mu7e
marblehalls010.bsp - Created by unknown
nyaarena.bsp - Created by --LimStift
OBE_Jungle.bsp - Created by onboarderror
pachinko.bsp - Created by unknown
propdrop.bsp - Created by unknown
puf_deagle_warehouse.bsp 'Sourced' by Pufuwozu. Original by Alexander 'shogun' Cohen
raghostie.bsp - Created by unknown
spectrum.bsp - Created by unknown
xi_rockyaim.bsp - Created by (.xi^Asuka)
zt_assualt.bsp - Created By Zeta

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Pack assembled by {PAF}SoopaFlyYT
[email protected]

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