Strike Fighters: Project 1 Service Pack 3

File Info: Strike Fighters: Project 1 Service Pack 3

Strike Fighters: Project 1 Service Pack 3
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Description: Strike Fighters: Project 1 Service Pack 3

The Service Pack 3 updates the game to make it more compatible with the latest video cards, and adds host of new features for third-party expansions.

Note: This patch can only be applied to the "v12-25-03" version of the game; if you have a previous version, please apply Service Pack 2 below before downloading this patch.

Strike Fighters: Project 1 v11.05.04
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Changes and Fixes


* Wingman commands are no longer available while flying in
Instant Action mode.

* New drop-down option for Mission Year selction has been added
to the Single Mission screen.

* Squadron Markings dropdown menu on the Loadout Screen is now
limited to list only the squadron belonging to the selected

* Easy flight model ground handling has been fixed to include
proper wheelbrake and steering.

* AI pilots may now use unguided rockets against air targets.

* A bug preventing Sparrow radar-guided missile from being fired
when Avionics Option is set to Easy and Weapons Options is set
to Normal or Hard has been fixed.

* Rocket pods and unguided rockets now ripple fire for as long as
you have the weapons release button pressed down.

* When Weapons option is set to Hard, certain guided missiles (such
as Sparrow and Falcon) now have time delay added before launching.

* Each terrain may now be assigned its own individual environment.ini

* Map view now shows rectangular gridlines; and an improved planning
map with gridlines has also been included.

* Aircraft carrier is now supported, with catapult launches and
arrester cable landing.

* Thrust vectoring is now supported. The user must edit the
control.ini manually to assign this control to a ranged input
(joystick axis) however.

* Variable geometry wing with moving pylons is now supported.

* Lights now may be build as 3d mesh in 3dStudio Max, and they
may be toggle on and off.

* New cockpit instrument movement types added - Texture Scrolling
and Animation.

* Gunpods, when armed, now light up the armament panel on F-4
cockpit correctly.

* Gunpods may now be selectively armed by using Cycle GunGroup

* Improved propeller engine model has been added.

* Landing gears code has been re-worked to be more stable when
the aircraft is on the ground. Also, most of the gear data
has been adjusted so the gears are compressed more.

* Network bandwidth is reduced to make it more 56K modem friendly.

* AircraftMission TextureSet number being incorrectly offset by one
when reading .msn mission file has been fixed. Mission file may
now also specify skin using directory name instead, by adding new
line Texture=.

* Strike target not getting set correctly when reading .msn mission
file has been fixed.

* Some sub-title text being scrambled in the French version have
been fixed.

* Problem of aircraft mission callsign sometimes not being set
correctly when reading .msn mission file has been fixed.

* Some video card/driver combinations causing "negative" image to be
displayed while transitioning to a new menu screen has been fixed.

* Problem with menu text font anti-aliasing not working properly on
some video/driver has been fixed.

* Full-Screen Anti-aliasing not working on some video cards
using certain drivers has been fixed.

* The game not running properly when installed into a non-standard
folder containing "." character in the file path (such as
"C:\Flight.Sim\") has been fixed.

For changes made to earlier versions, please see VersionHist.txt.

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