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This is the newest version of the HL1 mod Zombie Panic which fixes several exploits and bugs, as well as adding some new maps and sounds.

Zombie Panic! v 0.92 Changelog


- Fixed and added zombie ambient sounds. In 0.91d there were 10 zombie ambient sounds that played randomly every so often, except that 6 of those were at 44K and Stereo, which meant the HL engine wouldn't play them. It also meant that zombie sounds played about half as often as they should, since the other half of the time, the sounds were chosen, but not played. Additionally, 6 more ambient zombie sounds were added, meaning you'll hear 15, not 4 as in 0.91d.

- Made satchel charges intangible (So you can't block vents with them anymore).

- Fixed satchel duplication bug.

- Fixed "spawn on break" unlimited weapon bug and "spawn on break" entities not spawning the right thing or sometimes anything. This requires a new .FGD file, which is included with this release. If you have no entities that spawn things upon breaking, you will not need to recompile your maps.

- Joining midgame will actually let you join now, instead of just spectating until the next round.

- Fixed the exploit where you could respawn as a zombie with retry even when no lives were left.

- Fixed the bug where toggling your Zombie Vision would spraypaint also.

- Fixed the starting zombie initially spawning with Zombie Vision off.


- Weapons/Ammo/etc no longer make the HL spawning noise upon spawning.

- Zombies no longer make underwater bubbling noises while swimming.

- A survivor will see the death message showing who killed him upon death. Other survivors still see nothing.

- Added zp_ruins. Thanks Watchmaker (Recently ZeroFate)!

- Added zp_waste. This is an old Playtest map we threw in for old time's sake. Thanks Toph!

- Zombie model reverted to 0.91a (pre-skeletal) version.

- Correct version of zp_paranoid added. It was correct in 0.91a, but I goofed in 0.91d and put in a much older, buggier version. This version is the right one, and much better... Sorry about that Jezpuh!

- New version of zp_nation. Thanks hi!

- New version of zp_eastside. Thanks KungFuDiscoMonkey!

- New version of zp_town. Thanks brute_force!


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