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Kohan: Kings of War v1.1.5 Patch
TimeGate Studios
Also known as:
Kohan 2: Kings of War
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Description: Kohan: Kings of War v1.1.5 Patch

This will patch your retail version of Kohan: Kings of War to version 1.1.5 adding new scenarios as well as fixing performance and many other things.

Kohan II: Kings of War retail patch v1.1.5

This patch brings the game up to version 1.1.5 and improves performance, adds miscellaneous bug fixes and system tweaks, and also contains five new single and multiplayer scenario maps.

Full details on the new maps:

(Recommended size: 1v1)

The worthless, frozen wastes of the north have nevertheless always been fought over by those with an eye toward expansion. The infamous Battleground has long been the site of bloody wars of attrition, as its canyons are easily secured and there are numerous valleys suitable for establishing settlements.

(Recommended size: 2v2)

In some Cataclysm in Ages long past, an island rose from the sea, born from the lava bleeding forth from Khaldun's wounds. Now, the island is home to warring Kohan factions, each of which wants the island for its own strategic purposes. Make sure you don't wind up on the losing end.

(Recommended size: 3v3)

The lands long watched over by the Kohan mystic Aephir have remained pristine and pure despite Ages of war and Cataclysm. Now, however, its vast resource have drawn Kohan of all factions to the land, seeking wealth and power. The denizens of Aephir's Earth have turned hostile and will fight to protect their homeland from the invaders. What was once a paradise has become a battleground.

(Recommended size: 3v3)

Far in the Frozen North is a land where all lost travelers ultimately come, most to their doom. Now, a few intrepid Kohan have set out to claim the tundra and its wealth of resources. Little do they know the deadly grounds they've set foot upon . . . .

(Recommended size: 4v4)

No matter how long you live, you still dream big! For the immortal Kohan, there is nothing like a trip to the land of gold, where the only limits are . . . the deadly rivalries with your breth

Summary of Changes:

- Some stability improvements added
- Added a new Decals performance option.
- Improved performance in several systems.
- Fixed several possible networking and out-of-sync issues.
- Several minor data bugs fixed.
- Added several new scenario maps for skirmish/multiplayer.
- No balance changes.

Details of Changes:


- Tooltipping defense value now lists all of the unit's resistances
- Fixed terrain transitions to give parent property in all cases.
- Removed bogus hero moral modifier.
- Fixed order of technologies in Ceyah Undead Barracks.
- Altered Dylan's Robe artifact technology to apply to units.
- Fixed flat water possible causing out-of-sync.
- Fixed out-of-sync when one player fails to retrieve official map list.
- Updated GDIPlus.dll
- Improved Random Hero trigger to give faction-specific heroes.
- Player stats are updated more frequently.
- Decal toggle now appears under Video Options, helps framerate around cities.

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