AvP 2 - Jungle 2 Map

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AvP 2 - Jungle 2 Map
www.teamarc.org, Flying Scotsman
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AvP2: Aliens versus Predator, Alien vs. Predator 2
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Jungle2 is a Multiplayer map for AvP2. It contains both a day and a night version of the map and is supported by all game types.

Jungle2 is a medium sized MP map for Aliens vs Predator 2. An independant sequel to the popular 'Jungle' map, J2 is mainly designed to be a TDM or Hunt map but supports all game types including Overrun and Evac.

The rez file contains 2 versions of the map. For those that want TDM gameplay, there is a day version which includes a number of alterations to balance gameplay with cinematic atmosphere. Marines do not have a motion tracker, and certain tracking weapons are disabled. Its not all good news for predators though, they will have to make do without their speargun and it takes skill and practice to scale those trees!
For those that are after a challenge however, there is a night version of the map. This spooky version will see the return of the motion tracker and tracking weapons, but will see the marines relying on the nightvision and motion tracker as the darkness swallows up all visibility after 30ft ...

Hope you enjoy!

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