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BF1942 - Fun Racing
Naimbus and Herbe
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Description: BF1942 - Fun Racing

This is a mod based on fun races with boats, scooters or with nothing. The winner is the first to arrive at the last flag. In the race there are some control points which are in fact save points.
In this mod you will find jumps, labyrinths, jeep arena and many more vehicules

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Fun Racing

I) Informations

This mod made by HeRbE and Naimbus with the help of Freeman is a mod based on fun races (boats, turbo jeeps, vespa (scooter), rafts ...).

Each map is a conquest map, there are some checkpoints to allow the two teams to respawn after some races. A checkpoint is in fact two flags: one for the axis and the other for the allies. Each flag and the direction of the following race is indicated by a pannel.
At the end a flag must be taken and it will reduce the number of tickets of the other team. However this flag can be taken by the other team at any moment contrary to the checkpoints.

Every weapons and every vehicles are the same that in Battlefield 1942 or they were taken in different mods with their agreement. Some vehicles of Battlefield 1942 have been modified by HeRbE and Naimbus.

During the development many tests have been made and they showed that nobody can cheat and pass one race.

II)Mods used

Komodo = BF Pirates
Vespa = Parallle world
Type1, Type2 et Type3 = Hydroracer
Jet Pack = mod jet pack
Lance flames = Parallle world
Grenades fumigne = glee_newfx

III) Thanks to Freeman for his help and to [MYTHOS]Anubis for his map Jeep Arena.

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