Medal of Honor AA - Spearhead: Automatic Stats

File Info: Medal of Honor AA - Spearhead: Automatic Stats

Medal of Honor AA - Spearhead: Automatic Stats
Philippe Sabourin, Kiran Karra
Also known as:
Medal of Honour: Allied Assault Spearhead, MoH: Allied Assault Spearhead, Medal of Honor: Team Assault [working title]
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Description: Medal of Honor AA - Spearhead: Automatic Stats

PKStats is an automatic stats program for Spearhead servers which requires little computer know how and is quick to set up.

PKStats is an easy to use automatic stats page creator for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead servers. This project was begun on Sunday 26th September 2004 by Philippe Sabourin (|tkm|King.Phoenix) and then Kiran Karra ([-W†S-]|Ã|*†axman*) joined the project a few days later and contributed greatly to the coding and testing. Matt Jordan provided the graphics for this release ([email protected]). It is a java based program so that it can run on virtually any platform (if there is no installer for your platform contact me). It works by using FTP to get the log file off of the game server, parsing that and making the page, then uploading the web page through FTP to a web server. All the user has to do is enter the information for both FTP's and choose some preferences such as how long to wait before restart each update cycle and then hit Start Running to get the stats started. This is still in beta so any suggestions, comments or bug/problem reports will be greatly appreciated. Please head over to the download page to get the version of PKStats you need. This program can be adapted to any game that has a log file similar to Spearhead and this will be done for MOHPA when it comes out, but if you would like it for another game contact me and i'll see what i can do.

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