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UT2004 - Damnation Mod v2
Damnation Team
Also known as:
UT 2004, Unreal Tournament II 2004
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Description: UT2004 - Damnation Mod v2

Return to the West that never was in this genre-blending total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004. Equipped with an array of steam-powered weaponry, acrobatic skills, and mystic Spirit Powers only you stand against a ruthless, mechanized foe.

A self-styled "steampunk fantasy-western," Damnation stands apart, providing the gaming community with not only fresh, new gameplay, but an untapped world to explore as well.

Damnation is a new breed of gaming experience. As a first/3rd person action/adventure title, Damnation's gameplay is unprecedented.

Combining the immersion and precision-gunplay of a traditional first-person shooter like Call of Duty with the navigational puzzle design of 3rd-person adventure titles like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Damnation is a new paradigm in genre-blending gameplay.

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