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Morrowind - Vampiric Citadel
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Morrowind, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
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Description: Morrowind - Vampiric Citadel

This plugin adds a new rebuilt Citadel: about 20 new vampires, about 10 new armors, new textures of high quality, new models, new items, new temples and halls, Recommended Players'level: 40,50,60...

The Elder Scrolls III MORROWIND:

Vampiric Citadel & New Armors v1.0 - Plugin by MIKE


1. Vampiric Citadel & New Armors v1.0
2. Installation
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Credits
5. Notes & saved games

1. Vampiric Citadel & New Armors v1.0

This plugin adds a new rebuilt Citadel: about 20 new vampires,
about 10 new armors (included a Vampiric Armor enchanted with
the DARK POWERS of the vampires!), new textures of high quality,
new models, new items, new temples and halls...
look the screenshots for a preview.
This vampires are stronger than normal ones,
So I think this plugin is recommended for Players of high level


To install the plugin, copy the contents of "Data Files" into the
Morrowind/Data Files directory.

UPDATE: This plugin has been created for version 1.4.1313 of Morrowind
and Tribunal. I think it works with v1.3 as well.
You NEED Tribunal expansion. You can install Bloodmoon.


From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box
next to the "Vampiric Citadel & New Armors v1.0.esp" file.

Start Morrowind and load your savegame (take a backup first).
For beginning the quest go at Mournhold into Velas Manor and look
there for some 'interesting' indications...

4. Credits

'Vampiric Citadel & New Armors' includes parts of this mods:

-*'Weapon Wielding Mannequins' v1.0 By Stephen Kentat!
I added ENTIRELY this mod to the mine, so i included the original

-*'Paladin Armor' by Joel Braddock (a.k.a. Mantodea)
I used models and textures of Paladin armor, just i modified
them a little and i added the helmet by myselves.

-*'Tsaesci dragonscale armor'
I used models and textures of Tsaesci dragonscale armor, just
modified a little.

-*I used few new textures from: 'Khalazza MW Visual Pack', 'Visual Pack XT'
and 'Better armor 1.1 by Zerothehero'.

_*I used some models of Indigo for this objects: statue of the Mask,
Display Case, Stars Longsword.

If you istalled someone of this mods, some files will be overwritten
when you istall 'Vampiric Citadel & New Armors'.
Just confirm overwriting.

5.Notes & saved games

Well, i use this mod with 25-30 mods (All included in °Suggested Mods.txt°)
and i haven't problems, besides several peoples said that it works great.
The pluggin appears to be relatively bug free,
but it is an home-work, and it's not perfect!
So i don't know about probably incompatibility with other mods.

Note: You would always make a backup of your saved games prior to
installing any new plugin.

If u have problems:
Did u patched the game at latest version?
Is Tribunal expansion istalled?
Did u set all the files in the right path?
Try to download it again (probably download corruption).
Or try to disable other mods.

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