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DOOM 3 - GHOB's Combo Mod
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Description: DOOM 3 - GHOB's Combo Mod

This DOOM 3 modification adds a bug free sentry, none rubbery grenades and increased Muzzle Flash for all none melee weapons.

- All none melee weapons have been modified so that the muzzleflashes now emit more light than before. This basically lights up the room as long as you are firing your weapon.

- The hand grenade has been modified so that it no longer acts like a rubber ball. When you throw it, it bounces once and stays still before exploding.

- Nothing else has been changed in terms of weapon power or ammo count and the such.

- For those interested in Coop, I tried to come up with the next best thing, until the SDK comes out. You can summon a special sentry that will follow you around the game defending you. This sentry is based on the MOD released by Michael Knight (UAC Sentry Robot Mod) as
well as information I got from a post by PDQ 7779473 on The key difference between mine and Michael Knight's is that mine doesn't affect all the sentries you see in the game. It also does not cause problems with saves and quicksaves.

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