Warlords Battlecry 3 - Patch v1.02 [French]

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Warlords Battlecry 3 - Patch v1.02 [French]
Enlight Software
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Warlords Battlecry 3
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Description: Warlords Battlecry 3 - Patch v1.02 [French]

This is a patch for Warlords Battlecry 3 from Enlight Software fixing random crashes, tweaking gameplay and much more. Read below for all the information.

WBC3 1.02 Patch

Unfortunately a bug fix in 1.01 adversely affected unit attack speeds. They are now set to base of 1.5 seconds, with a cap of 0.5 seconds

The Elven Hunter has had his Armor & Damage reduced by 5, bis combat reduced by 2 and his Build time increased by 5 sec

The Woodrider has had his build time reduced from 75 sec to 60 sec

WBC3 1.01 Patch

Fixed a random crash to desktop involving the A.I.

Fixed a crash to desktop involving Undead (especially in Multiplayer)

Fixed a crash caused by the Knight's Quest ability (involving having 2 or more sides of the same race in the same battle).

No more free Call the Dead for Liches

No more free Call the Dead for Liches

Serpentslayer now works

Engineer skill now works

Vampire is now causing Fear correctly

Fixed hotkeys for: Freeze, Call the Dead, Summon Blades & Sword of Sirian

Removed Imps from the Wood Elf list in the editor

Removed Elven Hunter from High Elves & Dark Elves in the editor

No matter the bonuses applied, all spells now take a minimum of 1 mana to cast.

No more double XP from hero skills on summoned troops.

Typo: Fixed requirements for Wight from Dark Mill to Boneyard

Typo: Added info text for seals & turtles

Typo: Updated ?Flaming Arrow? text to better describe what happens

Typo: Updated ?Resist Fire? text to remove the word ?immune?

Typo: Graveyard now mentions that it builds Skeleton Cavalry

Balance Changes

Daemon: Imps get Fast Attack Speed

Dwarves: Dwarf Infantry now take 32 sec & 30g, 75m (not 30sec, 25g, 70m)

Dwarves: Berserkers now take 85 sec & 300m (not 75 sec & 275m)

Dwarves: Khazrimi Guard now take 100 sec & 175g 225s (not 90 sec & 150g 200s)

Hero: Assassination attempts vs. Heroes now subtract the target hero's level from the percentage chance of success.

Hero: Comprehension spell no longer gives a flat 50% reduction to skill costs. It gives 25% + 5% per level of mastery (max of 50%).

Hero: Armageddon does 100 + 50/lvl damage (not 100 + 100/lvl)

Hero: All-seeing Eye now gives +5XP per point (not +10XP)

Hero: Bronze Golem spell is now 60 Mana (was 36 mana)

Hero: Decreased the effect of the merchant skill (now increases at half the previous rate)

Hero: DEX now gives 1 Resistance per point (not 1 per 2 points)

Hero: DEX now gives 1 Armor per 2 points (not 1 per 4 points)

Hero: DEX now affects a hero's attack speed, not Morale (see below)

Hero: Energy Skill now gives +5% mana regen per point (not +10%)

Hero: Guardian Oak now gives +5XP per point (not +10XP)

Hero: Healers no longer get Arcane Magic? replaced with Regeneration

Hero: Ice Storm does 100 + 50/lvl damage (not 100 + 100/lvl)

Hero: Invigorate spell now affects attack speed as well as movement speed

Hero: Pillar of Fire does 100 + 40/lvl damage (not 120+ 60/lvl)

Hero: Priests no longer get Arcane Magic? replaced with Magic Resistance

Hero: Raise Champion Spell is now 65 mana (not 50 mana)

Hero: Resist Missiles now gives resistance to missiles, not immunity

Hero: Ring of Ice does 50 + 25/lvl damage (not 40+ 20/lvl)

Hero: Rune skills now give +5% Life per point (not +10%)

Hero: Slimemaster now gives +5XP per point (not +10XP)

Hero: Spell recovery times (see below)

Hero: STR now gives 1 Combat per point (not 1 per 2 points) and base hero combat is now 4 (not 8)

High Elf: Moonguard max mana is now 25 (from 35), starting mana is now 10 (not 20)

High Elf: Multitarget mana cost is now 25 (not 20)

Knights: Inquisitor gets electrical damage

Miscellaneous: Halved prices of items in shops

Plague: Cryohydras now cost 200m 160c (not 200g 160c)

Ssrathi: Towers now do 35 Piercing/Poison Damage (was 30 Fire)

Swarm: Wasp now has Assassination (vs. air units only) like a Gnoll.

Swarm: Scorpions get Fast Attack Speed

Swarm: Towers now do 20 Magic Damage (was 30 Fire)

Undead: Fallen Knight skill now costs 600g 800m (was 400g 500m).

Undead: Wights now cost 70m to morph (was 50m).

Undead: Slayer Knights now cost 250m to morph (was 200m).

Undead: Doomknights now cost 350m to morph (was 300m).

New Rule ? Spell Recovery Times

For a time, after a spell is cast, a hero may not cast another spell.

This time is a number of seconds equal to 1, plus the base mana cost of the spell multiplied by the level of the spell and divided by 50. So for a 30 mana spell, 5 th in the spell list (level 5) this would be 30*5/50 = 4.0 seconds. For Heal Self, this would be 1*8/50 = 1.16 seconds.

New Rule ? Hero Attack Speed

A hero's attack speed is now based off of his DEX, not his MORALE. Morale still affects all of his troops, but his own speed will be 1 second less 0.01 second for every point of DEX over 10. This may not go lower than 0.4 seconds.

New Features

2 New music tracks

15 New Magic Items


Improved dedicated server

Improvement to the automatic restart mechanism

Text input buffer increased

Automatic patch update

Icon for players currently in a game

Player idle icon

Updated help messages

Private message window

Various stability improvements

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