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FF7 PC -Original PSX Music Patch
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Description: FF7 PC -Original PSX Music Patch

Skips the MIDI music and lets you enjoy the original Music from PSX!
I grew tired of this being unavailable so i put together different freeware and music parts.

Final Fantasy VII (PC) - Original Music Correction

Created by Kenzeitak

Unzip all files with directory structure in your installed FF7 folder.
Normally, "C:\Program Files\Squaresoft Inc\Final Fantasy VII\" (or something like that)

Remove the folder "ficedula" and the "ff7music.dll" manually.

Ever got sickly irritated of the MIDI sound?, The Yamaha driver not working?
Then this is your solution!

Thanks to the creators of Ficedula, a program that loads winamp plugins to play any
music that you want to configure with Final Fantasy VII (PC).

In this package i have placed a configured version of Ficedula with winamp
plugins and music rips from the Playstation version.
That means you should give the most credit to the ripper of the PSF files and
the creator of Ficedula.

Ficedula should be configured to work correctly with it's current settings
however the difference in hardware and software on your computer might differ the
settings. To correct this you should open Ficedula and correct the folder info.

I will take no responsibility for what this can cause your computer if used incorrectly!
However there shouldnt be any trouble. I am not an affiliate of Square and have only
created this fix for common purpose!

Q: FF7 not working on my WinXP or Win2k!
A: Download the OFFICIAL V1.02 patch but NOT any inofficial patches (they might harm more than they help)

Q: Can't run in Harware with my Radeon Card!
A: Install the V1.02 OFFICIAL patch (no other patches!) and try selecting TNT2 in the config program.

Q: My movies are played upside down!
A: There is a patch for this! Search for "ff7betap1.exe" at "http://www.Google.com"


Patch Download:
--- I don't know how long this page will supply the file so it might not be available any longer...

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