Soldiers: Heroes of World War II v1.28 Patch

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Soldiers: Heroes of World War II v1.28 Patch
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Description: Soldiers: Heroes of World War II v1.28 Patch

This is a patch for Soldiers: Heroes of World War II bringing the third person action tactical game up to version 1.28. Read below for all the details on the patch.

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II v1.28 Readme

- GameSpy Arcade support
- All Seeing Eye support
- Combat multiplayer - 5 new game modes: Deathmatch, Assault, King of the Hill, Battle Zones, Escort
- 12 new maps added for combat multiplayer
- Purchase MP units with money and command points (CP)
- Many new infantry and vehicle units
- New server set-up options for all game modes and MP performance settings
- Invisible enemy units will now appear when they are heard by alied units
- New on-screen frag info
- Improved fog-of-war performance
- Player can place "recon arrows". Visible to all team members in multiplayer mode (hot key: ctrl+p)

Game speed improved
- Generic rendering code improved
- Particle rendering speedup

GUI improvements
- Inventory
- Item placement auto selection
- Inventory sorting (if item can't be placed in current inventory layout)
- Added weapon skill indicator (yellow dots on weapon image section of GUI)
- Game speed selection dialog, called by slowdown key: default BACKSPACE (single player only)
- Auto text formatting in objectives and intro/outro
- Fonts now antialiased

- Melee attacks now work on prone enemies
- Soldiers are now able to pick items up from a prone position
- Bazooka infantry can now run with weapon equipped
- The mine detector now works by equipping (there's no need to press "USE" button")
- Mines will now detonate from nearby grenade and HE explosions
- Changed bazooka rocket penetration logic and fly path
- Soldiers can use items (dynamite, matches, sniper cover, resuscitation kit) while prone
- Inventory auto sorting improved
- Improved land detection for boats
- Items can be picked up in shallow water
- Weapon burst stops after reload
- Added option to turn off auto aiming on tanks (in Options/Game)
- Added option to turn on fog of war in single player mode (in Options/Game)
- Added more allied rifles
- Added hollow-charge ability to bazooka rounds
- Now it's very hard to kill soldier with bazooka
- Lowered bazooka armour piercing value
- Increased rate of fire for rifles (no changes for sniper rifles)
- Increased grenade throwing speed
- AI for user units improved

- Enabled hardware sound mixing
- Added option to turn hardware mixing off (in Options/Audio)

Other bug fixes
- Fixed flashing hand issue when soldiers’ reloaded/equipped weapons
- Fixed soldier unable to move in RTS mode in co-op multiplayer
- Fixed various out of sync errors in multiplayer
- Fixed occasional hang when changing profile
- Fixed hang when auto loading deleted profiles
- Fixed auto assign issues
- Fixed keyboard stops responding issue
- Tweaks to single player game
- Many other minor bug fixes

Note: Increasing the default levels for Command Points and money when setting up a game may lead to detrimental performance, as this will allow players to purchase more infantry and vehicles.

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