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Plaza Raid Mod v1.4

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File Info: Plaza Raid Mod v1.4

Plaza Raid Mod v1.4
Also known as:
Max Payne II
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Description: Plaza Raid Mod v1.4

Plaza Raid Mod (PR Mod) offers a new experience for Max Payne 2 with
its Plaza Raid Level, a new Dead Man Walking level, and a tutorial le-
vel. Basically, the whole idea of this mod is about Max Payne being a
police team member to strike Iron Plaza, which has been occupied by
armed bad guys (cleaners). Your primary objective is to kill Kaufman
(cleaner leader).


Version 1.4:
-Larger and more complex level, consisting of:
1.Office Complex // excluded in this version
2.Shopping Centre
3.Subway Station
-New Plaza Lobby Dead Man Walking level (plus 2 additional DMW levels)
-New sound for 9mm Pistol, Ingram, Pump Shotgun and AK47
-The building (plaza) now has a name: Iron Plaza
-New tutorial level
-Police trouser and Max police cloth modified
-Tweaked painkiller
-Tweaked bullet-time settings (again)
-New bullet-time music
-Some weapons damage power have been increased (including sniper and
-And many more...

Version 1.0:
-Larger and better level, more places to go
-More enemies and many new objects for cover
-Max now use NYPD cloth
-New sound for AK47, ColtCommando, Sniper, MP5 and Desert Eagle
-Police now have voice style of black ops (stay frosty!)
-More secret items (ammo, painkiller, etc)
-New Plaza Raid loading screen
-Tweaked bullet-time (Shootdodge now requires bullet-time)
-Numerous bugs fixed
-And many more...


Bullet-Time music:
1. Offspring - Million Miles Away
2. Inner Circle - Bad Boys (Theme From "COPS")

Plaza Raid Mod team would like to thanks to the following:
-Remedy, for releasing the amazing MP2 editors
-3DRealms, for the forum and many helps
-Kipsta, with his great Payne-Killer tutorial
-iamposthuman, for helping about AI editing
-moi_eric11, for converting vehicles from 3Ds Max and MaxED2 help
-The system, for discovering fix to mipmaps error
-RailRide's Crossing, for the site on how to model a subway:
-Nick, for referring to Maya site
-Websites who had given their textures for free:
1.Chris Zastrow with his The Dark Underworld of Texture Art:
2.Maya 3D LEMOGraphics & 3D Textures website for many of its
great textures:
-Many other folks who had helped us, and especially you, for trying
this mod and those who had wait patiently for months!

Special thanks to Lazlow (owner of GTA Underground network site and for providing download place for Plaza Raid Mod!

To discuss PR mod visit either 3DRealms or PR message board:

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