The Temple of Elemental Evil v2.0 Patch

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File Info: The Temple of Elemental Evil v2.0 Patch

The Temple of Elemental Evil v2.0 Patch
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Description: The Temple of Elemental Evil v2.0 Patch

This patch will update your Greyhawk: Temple of Elemental Evil to v2.0 with a long list of features and fixes. See more information for details.

The Temple of Elemental ChangeLog:

Bardic music now is a standard action (before it was incorrectly a Free Action)
Bardic music now provokes attacks of oppertunity
Fixed a crash where fleeing enemeies could lose track of who they were fleeing from
Fixed a bug in which completed actions that were pending an animation or event (e.g. using a wand of magic missiles) that would cause a pushed action (e.g. an attack of oppertunity) could create an infinite loop (thus hang the game) when the pushed action completed and the already completed (yet pending) action would advance to an invalid state
Fixed hover text missing in character creation for Abilities and Deity
Bardic Knowledge Help Page had incorrect title, it is now "Bardic Knowledge"
Amulet of Mighty Fists adds to both Attack and Damage now
Help entry for Grummsh linked to Strenght Attribute not Strength Domain, fixed.
Help entry for Chain Lightning grammar errors fixed.
Fix for not being able to remove shields in combat
Masterwork Light Crossbow size corrected, now useable by small races
Wonnilon's Repeating Crossbow size corrected, useable by small races
Masterwork Guisarme type and size corrected, no longer is it a one handed axe
Dust of Disappearance worth corrected
Jaer's Spheres of Fire can no longer be used as melee weapons
Cat's Grace is no longer a Strength Domain lvl2 spell
Romag's 3rd quest no longer allows acknowledgement of killing Belsornig even if you had not done so
Exposing the spies in the trading post now gives the proper 200gp
Courier from lord wizard Sargen will now talk to you
More information regarding the woodcutters dialog is revealed
Valden now gives masterwork shields as his rewrad for rescuing his wife
Syntax errors in Hedrack's dialog fixed
Bracers no longer stack in the bracers slot
Fixed bug with Criticals not confirming when you roll exactly the opponents AC
Enhancement bonuses of projectiles no longer apply when making Melee attacks
One handed weapons weilded two handed calculate strength bonuses properly (1.5x unless light)

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