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2004 Roster-MS Baseball 2001
Dennis Eckhaus
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The 2004 roster for Microsoft Baseball 2001.

2004 Roster ReadMe.txt


For those like me who still enjoy this game, I have made a 2004 roster set.

I used the original retail game roster as a base and overwrote the older players with last year's stats and even included the current free agents, injured players, and possible minor league players who might make it.

All 30 teams should be close to the way it is around the start of the 2004 season.


NB-If you want to save your current roster, back it up into another directory first. If your using the stock roster you can always recopy it from the cd.

Unzip the base.dat file in this archive to the stats directory in Microsoft Baseball 2001. The default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Baseball 2001\data\stats. This will overwrite the roster with my new version. You will be able to play exhibition games, leagues, whatever you want with today's players.


There is a Third Baseman in the free agent pool with no name. This guy was originally my Scott Spiezio of the Mariners, that I created over some retired Mariner. Then I checked the Minors and realized I had moved the original Spiezio from the game to the correct team already. I then wrote down the stats and transferred the stock Spiezio from the Minors to the Spiezio in the Mariner Lineup. When the computer exchanged the players, my creation, now in the Minors, had no name anymore and any edit could not be successfully saved by the program. I typed in the updated stats into the game's Spiezio, as normal, and released the no name into the free agent pool. This just makes the Mariners pay his salary points and shouldn't affect game play. (The Mariners can afford it.) Just try to remember not to sign the blank guy to your team, as he can't update or, I believe, be used.


You'll notice a lot less photos and custom faces, and the announcer will call a lot of generic "The Right Fielder, The Shortstop, etc," because a great deal of players simply did not exist when the game was designed back in 2000. Still, this is way better than not having the new rosters!


Enjoy the game! I usually switch between High Heat 2002 and this one. I still like the way the game looks and plays, and can now play in the same century!

I'm hoping DavidC doesn't mind me copying the format of his readme's. I've never done this stuff before and it helped to have a template.

Any comments can be sent to:

[email protected]

The contents of this archive are FREEWARE and may be distributed by any means so long as this readme file is included.

C 04/25/2004 eck

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