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The Great War v.15

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The Great War v.15
GW Team
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Description: The Great War v.15

The Great War is a WWI modification for Battlefield 1942 that stays reasonably realistic and historically accurate while holding to their prime directive, Fun.

Version 0.14b


Sopwith Camel and Fokker Dr1
Parabellum and Lewis machine guns added to Hand Weapons
Assault class now have above machine guns
Added new grenades for Medics and Sharpshooters
Expacs now given to Engineer class
AT class now have rifles and bayonets as well as extra grenades


Replaced faulty Mk4/GermanMk4 tank tracks
Re-coded/Replaced Anti aircraft guns
Re-coded Field Artillery - Now movable
Aircraft Physics improved all round
Increased Field of view for rear supply truck machine guns


We've fixed the various bits and pieces on the maps. Capture the Flap maps are now working properly.


Hi all, got a few things I need to say, wont take long to read, honest.

Many Thanks

Wanna say a big thank you to the following people.

TGW Team

Demon Delta
Carey Bear

Without these guys we would never have made it.

A special thank you goes to a couple of guys who, while not members of the team helped us a lot.

Pappy Boyington for the terrific vids he's done.
Stuka from Rebel Recreations for the skins he did for us.

Also a big thanks to the fans out there who have egged us all on, I hope your not disapointed with the end result.

Last but not least to Dice and Ea for the game itself.

Technical Stuff

To play TGW you will require a copy of BF 19142 (obviously) and the 1.6 patch

To remove the TGW mod, simply delete the TGW folder from your mods folder.

We have included a shortcut with the mod. Simply copy and paste it to your desktop and you'll be able to lauch tgw straight away.

In the build itself are all the converted BF maps. The custom maps are a seperate download.

If you have any problems visit our site and forum. We will try to fix whatever the problem is but remember to give us as much information as you can.

Coming Soon

Map called "Duel" it will feature the famous Fokker Dr1 Vs Sopwith Camel

Map called "Duel 2" it will feature the Fokker DVII Vs RAF Se5a

Next Release will be based in the Mediterean, Africa and the Pac

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